I dreamed that I was passing through a hospital when I was approached by a nurse offering me a child that was not mine. Without any compassion at all, I refused to take him and didn't care what anyone was thinking.  It was apparent that I was beyond childbearing years, but everyone involved told me that I was his mother and wanted me to believe it. Though I said no, again and again, they were persistent, but I had no intention of accepting what I saw in a blanket.Karma1

As the nurse lowered the child for me to see, I looked down at the bridge of his nose; it ran straight across, and the left side of his face was lower than the right. Leaving the hospital, I wondered about him and when I awoke, I still did.  About an hour later,  I saw the child who had become a man (I'll call him Cho).  His face, with two skin tones,  still bore that distortion, and his left eye, not visible to one standing on his right,  was dark inside. His right eye was far-seeing like a telescope, and the man himself was deeply strange,  like two people, or a man who is a crowd.   He grew very tall, towering like a great oak and began to walk around in my neighborhood,  seemingly trampling people under his huge feet. But whatever he stepped on simply showed through his feet, unchanged, unharmed. Cho hadn't yet tried to trample me, but I knew it was coming, and I knew that he would harm me, though he had not hurt others. Meanwhile, I just observed him as he walked about frightening people, instilling horror in those who didn't understand him, nor had ever seen anything like him.

Suddenly, I was a child, watching  Cho, wondering how to protect myself. I heard my father's voice behind me and turned around. I looked up at him--he too had become exceedingly tall.  He pushed Cho over, and when he crashed to the ground like a giant oil derrick, there was no sound. I looked at Cho stretched out,  unmoving  on the ground, then back at my father who was looking down at me.

"Just walk over him," he said.

Submitted by: Naimah on 09/02/2015

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