EPISODE I: The Search For Love

A novel by

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Cover design by Andrea Orlic (http://artrocity.wix.com/artrocity)
Artistic renditions of Mars, Lemuria, and Atlantis by Buzz Erlinger-Ford, Saint Lucia, and Rodrigo Aldebaran, Mexico
ISBN: 061592302X
ISBN-13: 978-0615923024 (Robert Maxxim)

I dedicate this narrative to the true authors of its contents; my gentle, loving, elder brethren, whose sole mission in life is to nourish their hearts with God’s love, and no selfish blemish will ever be found in them. They are the epitome of beauty and the everlasting torch of virtuous devotion.

The breath stemming from their graceful, joyous lips heals the heart from fear, and relieves the soul’s plight from desire’s deadly smears. They weep saddened tears whenever we despise love, and rejoice when we reach out to Father; all we need is love, something not found on human altars or banter. Their thoughts are a perpetual ode of fondness for Him and all creation; the light of hope for us mortal, wicked indiscretions.

Without their inspiration, and the constant loving encouragement and call to honesty of my starry blessing, my sapphire from His heart, my teacher and hope, my one, I could never have conceived its words or experienced what it’s like to live in love with His Majesty. I take no credit for this book’s substance, for I am the least on Earth and heaven, and no virtue is in me. No leader or teacher am I, only a humble learner and servant of truth. Please, do follow Him and them, not I.

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