I woke up several times during the night, but picked up the same dream right where it left off. In it, the Moderator described details about jobs I will be performing in the near future and reflected upon emotional and evolutionary states of mind I should seriously take into consideration, issues involving fear that induce lower expressive complexes. Suddenly, he displayed a chart he called "life's CPU" that contained a letter sequence:


I did my best to memorize it, though it was a fairly long coded string. I immediately recognized what it meant; enzymes, amino acids, and proteins, the building blocks and catalysts of all biological processes:

Picture6Z: enzymes, proteins that catalyze nearly all chemical reactions taking place in body cells and increase reaction rates by lowering activation energy

CHNO: amino acid base atoms: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen

The number: while I could not recall the last 5 digits in the composite number string, if these were filled in, the string would equal roughly the number of human DNA gene base pairs, a double helix signified by the two zeroes in front of the number

The reason for presenting this chart was not made immediately obvious. The Moderator sat at a desk covered by paper stacks representing his works on Earth. Subtly, he removed a folded piece of paper from a pocket and slowly placed it into the paper stash in a way I would notice its importance. I got a glimpse of it and, at first, it appeared blank, but soon its inner contents faded into view.

I asked him, "What's that?" Briefly, he explained that this was the basis for life's CPU and the next evolutionary step for earth science. He smiled, assuring me I would know immediately what this paper described. And sure enough, when I woke up, I not only did but saw it in living form. With great confidence, I told him with a glowing smile, "I will sleep on it," meaning I will continue to study on the higher worlds. His smile brightened and right away turned into a bright sun with which I happily oscillated and I too shared his light.

Picture1What I saw on that piece of paper was a picture of the atom, but it was nothing like I imagined it to be. This was the force immediately behind life's CPU, composed of an infinite microcosm of energies complimenting to create this atom. It was a round pulsing ball of energy radiating in all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Just like the sun, its magnetic fields surged through various surface segments based on oscillatory convection within the energy mass itself, going in and out of the atom's mass like prominences and often sending out CME bursts ... just like a star. It had a uniform polar magnetic field that was the sum and total of all other fields upon its Picture5surface. The mass in itself, if we can call it that, was rotating at incredible speeds and had a polar recession cycle much like the Earth, wobbling according to the energy mass distribution making up its volume core. This recession axial angle was consistent with the "force" and frequency of the sum and total of the many vortexes that sustained its physical deployment, a balancing act played out by its convecting energy forms. All atoms of its kind were thus equally aligned as they were all manifested extensions of the same master inter-dimensional vortex and this is what will determine electrical properties such as conductivity, hysteresis, magnetization, and ionization levels.

The spectral frequencies and energies making up the mass were not from the vortexes themselves, but the end result of the relative interaction of these vortexes upon the constantly shifting physical plane that also alternates in a cyclic way up and down, according to the overall sum and total of all combined interacting cosmic vortexes, thus balancing out the relative nature of sequential time and space common to said plane much like an average. Such common energy average is a plane. The atom also wavered from side to side as if rotating about a miniature invisible barycenter at fantastic velocity.

Picture2What was curious is that it sent out round disk-like pulsing bands of radiation that hung briefly like wide lit thick waveforms upon its ecliptic plane and then vanished, much like pulsing planetary orbits. These were diametrically opposed in phase to the central orb as if nodal points of energy resonance. These in themselves were not round but, in sync with this plane's base frequency rate, gave the impression of being ecliptical, but were not. Instead, they were everywhere at once, in and about the atom at all times, but only appeared as a Picture3round band about the ecliptic due to the relative harmonic interaction or resonance of our plane that, much as a strobe light, gave the semblance of an orbit at a point in time or consciousness, although it appeared so fast that a ring was all I could see. Stare at a ceiling fan spinning at multiples of 30 rotations per second and you will see the fan appear as if standing still, but the contrary is all too real.

In addition, I sensed that the physical plane is infinite, not just the macrocosm but also the microcosm. Always larger, always smaller, without end, for size is only relative to the frequency we associate with our own frequency, thus determining relative distance and time. Infinite Intelligence cannot be limited in scope. Therefore, time, space, and the physical plane are the resultant interaction between our frequency and all other infinite energy, the delta result of same, and this will be the case even in higher planes through infinity.

Submitted by: Roberto on 09/02/2016

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