The motto of Unarius is 'Love in Action'.   My difficulty with this,  is how to do it...infinitely.   In the past,  I have always tried to put positive spins on situations.   For instance,  if someone is angry or frustrated about something,  I usually laugh and try to show the humorous side of the situation for them.    This I think is okay,  but when I puff up someone's Ego to make them feel good,  or try to give them a more Infinite picture in answer to their anger or frustration,  I feel I am crossing the line.   Also at my work,  many times politics and religion  (no-no's in the workplace)  are being brought up by a few extreme types to a captive audience of the bunch of us.   I feel I should speak up,  but what would be the best way?people18

My question is: what is the more Infinite way to handle such workplace situations,  and also on a day to day basis,  what are some of the different infinite ways to put 'Love in Action'?   I feel I need a better approach and would  appreciate your thoughts!.....Thanks.....Ken.



Submitted by: Ken on 05/19/2015

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