When I first felt the inner pulse beckoning me to look for a greater truth in my life my attention was eventually drawn to two concepts, materialism and spiritualism. I really thought I was spiritually minded; after all I was questing for truth. I was pursuing a greater understanding of life but I really did not see anything about myself that needed improvement. The focus of my attention became drawn to the word selfish. I knew I wasn’t selfish. Even my friends considered me one of the most generous people around.person21

Over the years I continued to work on these concepts and denial came to my attention. I found out about ego, that I had a healthy one, that I had a strong sense of self importance. I insisted on my piece of life; after all I worked very hard, it was rightfully mine. I had a promising career on a famous street in Beverly Hills. I was certainly respectable. I dressed well, carried a briefcase, had a beautiful lady on my arm and we had many friends. I was considered intelligent and was well thought of. From all outward appearances I had it all together. But inside I was still churning. Something still was not right. And then finally it fell into place.

It dawned on me one day that I was selfish; everything about me and my life was based on materialism. I realized I was a great deceiver, even deceiving myself. When I looked back on my life with a more objective eye I saw a trail of destruction. My actions in the business world revolved around recognition and profit. I was responsible for my own achievements and my motivation was solely to make money. It is what this whole world is built on. I realized that if I wanted to live in a higher world I needed to develop a whole new way of thinking, a fourth dimensional concept. Everything about me was third dimensional.

ying and yang1In June of 2010 at the age of 59 and staring at limited financial resources, I left the business world and down deep I knew I was never going back. I had to solve my problems from a completely different perspective and I knew that the solutions to these problems were inside of me. That had to become more than an intellectual exercise; I had to make it work. My focus is now on service to others with information shared freely. I recognize and value the personal journey I am on, that everyone is on. I see life where we as individuals are responsible for each other; that we strive for personal and collective growth. Two years ago I began a writing project, the project of my dreams. I gave of my time freely without thought of remuneration. Somehow I am surviving financially. My life is now without stress and I am happier than I have ever been. The Unarius curriculum has and continues to serve me well.


Gary Kainz

Submitted by: Gary Kainz on 10/29/2013

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