Alex-Grey-Meditation12                 The following is an entry from my blog about the growing connectivity of information through the internet, and its ability to change the perspective of the exchange of consciousness. My blog isn’t written in Unarian vernacular, as it’s meant for common consumption, but of course the ideas expressed are rooted in my own understanding as a student of Unarius. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. -Forrest


The idea that now, the barrier between our different computers and electronic devices drips away, and we have a merging of information like never before, can begin to paint a picture of the future of human mentality or consciousness.

There is now access, through the internet, to such vast stores of wealth, the idea that all information is stored in one global network that, given the right tools and the knowledge of where to look and how to search, any person can find anything we’ve stored.

But then we have to look at the age old idea that the human brain is a more complex computer than any device we’ve ever envisioned. That in study, we’ve learned that our minds tend to use the tiniest fraction of our brain’s actual power. And this I would liken to astrophysicists claiming that 98% of the universe, we can’t even see. Well, if you can admit that you are indeed ignorant of such a vast proportion of reality, how can you then label and quantify just how much you are ignorant of? Is it not possible that in discovering another projected 2% of our universe, that we realize a whole different spectrum of existence, virtually halfing our perceived understanding, despite a broadened knowledge? How then could we say at any time, “Well, we’ve discovered 50% of the universe, we’re halfway to knowing everything!” The simple truth is that what we are ignorant of, we are ignorant of, and therefore can in no way presume to quantify it, in some attempt to coddle and comfort our egos, convincing ourselves that despite this vast, inarguable ignorance, we can at least be sure of the exact amount of what we are ignorant of. This is preposterous and infantile, for even the most foolish of wise men know that “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

But connecting back to the understanding of our minds, I believe that it can then be postulated that if we know that we are using less than half of our brains’ capabilities, it can safely be assumed that we understand so little of the brain that we truly can’t even imagine how much we’re missing.

And in tying this back to my original point; the blending of information and ready access, given that an individual knows the proper channels to attune to. There are those we’ve all come into contact with in our day to day lives who have a certain knowing of individuals around them. They can quickly “guess” the thoughts of another, or observe through another’s actions their actual intentions, etc. The minds of these people have clearly learned to tune into certain electronic signals that other peoples’ minds output, and while most of the observation of these signals is subconscious and historically has been called such things as intuition or instinct, it is actually the one of the more advanced functions of our mind and indeed is the future of consciousness.

Like learning what words to plug into google, or what forums to patrol for a particular brand of information, we must learn within our own minds what channels to tune into for information and understanding. This will involve, for all people, a certain amount of tearing down of older, more archaic models and frameworks of thought that, while useful in a previous point in our evolution, are now counterproductive in our expanding of consciousness. Once we discard old ideas of consciousness existing solely in the brain, and acknowledge that our consciousness exists and operates not only throughout our entire body, but all around us in our lives as we express ideas and commit acts that have rippling effects throughout the world. Just as a computer must go from a simple desktop that exists only in itself, to a device that can “dial-up,” and connect to a certain wealth of information, and then to a broadband device that is always connected to this continually growing wealth of information and needs but to turn its intentions to a particular concept to receive all existing information on it. So too will man evolve beyond his limited concept of a singular consciousness. Some men and women have already learned to “dial up,” and connect to greater networks of information through meditation and other exercises. But just as the dial-up modem was rendered obsolete, so too will this method of thinking, for there are also people on this earth today who live their lives in a constant state of connectivity and attunement. Their minds are attuned to the electronic signals and mental pathways that feed them a continuing flow of creative energies and information. And just as the progress of technology evolves at an exponentially increasing rate, with each invention and innovation inspiring a new one, which can be instantly uploaded and distributed worldwide to inspire a whole new set of inventions, so too will we evolve our minds to the point of exponential growth of consciousness through connectivity.


Submitted by: Forrest on 05/15/2014

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