My thoughts circle gracefully back
like swans into “ugly ducklings”.
Their beauty, even then,
did not …
does not escape me.
Nostalgic waves
bring the seasonal man.

He shouts, “Hello”!
still wishing that fish could live on the land,
and while he yearns,
some move on to the deeper water,
where we saunter along the shore—

“Mom, I want you to see”!

I rush, stop at the boulders,
where fish with faces of people I’ve known,
live in pools in the sand, wondering,
“What oceans are these”?

Someone chuckles …
and scribes record the sounds with quills!

The tide, fragrant with musk,
brings flowers that Father couldn’t pick for me.

“Take them, now,” he says. “It’s time”!
I reach for them, aware of Love.

The Robed One offers,
“I’ll help. Come deeper into the Light”.


Swans in white feathers blow their trumpets,
ascending to the celestial sphere.

Higher and higher we go,
then higher and higher I go


Light brings further memories.
I transcend pasts more distant.

Submitted by: Naimah on 02/16/2017

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