Ernest and Ruth Norman when I met them

Coming into this earth life I was early on exposed to my past. From ages 4-8 I was physically abused and tortured by a mentally ill person (my aunt) who hated male people. I was beaten constantly, stood naked against a wall all night while this person (liquor bottle in hand) paced back and forth threatening me with dire forms of torture. I was tied to a chair naked and wielding a kitchen knife she raved on and on about killing me. I relate this because while all this was going on I would close my eyes and see a great luminous ball of light and actually hear voices telling me to enter the ball of light and I would be protected! I know now that this was the Brothers who were very close and helping me get through this cycle. Later when channeling at the center, this beautiful ball of light always made its appearance. – To this day this light presence comes to me - especially if I am having trouble.

 From age 9-14 my mother became what is best called a ‘Flying Saucer Chaser’. She took me everywhere seeking them – the Californian Desert, Mt Shasta, and Arizona. We even climbed a steep mountain waiting to be picked up. This was in 1960! So, I was not unfamiliar with the idea even long before Vaughn’s predictions of the Space Ship Landings.

 At age 14 while attending a flying saucer lecture given by George Adamski, a well known so called contactee, someone mentioned a book written by a man living in Santa Barbara California. What was the book? It was The Voice of Venus by Ernest L Norman.

 My mother bought the book. When I read it I exclaimed out loud that this Truth is what I have been searching for ALL My Life! Yes all my 14 years. Actually, I recognized the advanced Beings of my younger years.

 I wrote this to the Moderator (Dr Norman). We were immediately invited to their house for a reading. We were told that I was the youngest ever to contact Unarius.This was the last reading Dr Norman gave to anyone in person - I felt very privileged. He would normally lose up to 15lbs when meeting anyone for any length of time. When he and Ruth (Uriel) greeted us at their front door, to my amazement the physical body of Dr Norman disappeared and I actually saw the Great Ball of Light which always made its appearance in my mind!! This confirmed that I had come in physical contact with the Truth and the Way. We sat down and the Moderator proceeded to give us our various past lives - all the while the only thing I saw in his place was the luminous palpitating sun like radiance!  

Later, Dr Norman told my mother that I was a very old soul and was at one time at the Mastership level among the Brotherhood. Sadly, I reverted long before the time of Atlantis, becoming earthbound. Ever since then I have been struggling to again master myself. He said I had a great mission in this life. Remember, I do not claim this – it was spoken from the Great teacher of Unarius himself.

If you think I consider this an ego boost, you would be wrong. In Infinite Intelligence one who arrives at a certain level of development compatible with the positive regenerative worlds of creativity then starts to use these infinite principles for selfish reasons becomes the most tragic of all evilness!

Soon after that the Normans moved to Glendale California where we lived. They began to invite me to their home and Dr Norman took me under his wing. He told Ruth that he considered me his son. He would explain the principles and how the higher worlds worked. Of course, I had many questions and concerns about personal frailties. He answered at length about the past and how energy propagated and regenerated throughout the infinite dimensions. I felt in heaven’s presence itself. During this time I received great revelations and witnessed numerous phenomena displayed by this Great Being! I vowed to him that I would never distort his teaching as I had done in the past.

At age 19 (1966) I was drafted into the Vietnam era army and Dr Norman told me that they (He and the Brothers) would keep me out of harms way and not be made to shoot a gun. I went to Vietnam with the 4th Division arriving in Da Nang near the border with North Vietnam. Within one week several clerks, cooks and I were literally plucked from our units and sent to open a new training base at Ft Huachuca in Arizona. I spent my entire tour completely protected from war!! Such is the proof of the continued help given to one trying to overcome. 

Submitted by: Tom Miller on 08/21/2013

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