My day was rather uneventful but in the early evening I decided to take another peek at the Unarius-united website. Roberto had alerted me that the site was now open to everyone, no longer password protected and I was curious. I had also received an e-mail from Thomas Miller inviting me back. The site is impressive, much warmer and inviting and I wanted to dig just a little deeper. I was drawn to ‘Word from the editor’ and although I was aware of most of this information I enjoyed the read. I thought it important for Tom to put something significant of himself here and he did. Then I decided to call it a day and go to sleep. I slipped a CD into my Bose player, a CD containing the advanced lesson course and lesson 13 and I fell asleep. I woke up later, just as the advanced lesson course was finishing and lesson 13 was starting. I slipped back into sleep state and found myself in a classroom with the Moderator. I had often thought to myself as I studied these lessons, that it would sure have been nice to have been present when the Moderator gave these lessons/classes. And now here I was, the Moderator giving lesson thirteen. My attention started to drift at one point but I quickly brought myself back to the Moderator. How dare I not pay complete attention here. As the lesson was coming to an end the Moderator made eye contact and started moving in my direction, those incredible blue eyes focused right on me. I realized it was time for questions and I raised my right arm. For some reason I also raised my right index finger on my right hand. The Moderator smiled and raised his right arm also, and raised two fingers on his right hand, and then three. He asked if my question had to do with spirit. I responded “it was physical but it has a direct connection to spirit.” I asked about something Tom had written in his editorial, about the Moderator losing up to 15 pounds when he spent significant time with a student. I asked if this was happening tonight as he gave this class. He nodded his head in the affirmative, smiled, and went on to address me, but the information addressed my real question. I quickly realized he was giving me information with regard to channeled information and my reliving with Thomas Miller. He mentioned Tom’s name at least twice. I looked around the class for a familiar face, maybe Tom was present. There were perhaps 20 students in attendance but none looked familiar to me. When I awoke I could not remember exactly what the Moderator had told me but I knew that this would be my homework, that the information was now a part of me and it was up to me to draw it into my conscious mind and polarize it all.

It is hard for me to describe how I felt at the waking up moment but I was extremely pleased about the experience. It meant a great deal to me. I have to say my first day of this New Year ranks right up there with the best days of my life. One big clue I have about this reliving is a thought I had when looking over the site here at Unarius-united. I have plans to update, to completely change the look of I wanted to be sure to make it more beautiful, more attractive, better in every way than Unarius-united and I thought that would be easy to do. But now with this new look you have here and all the information, I thought,” this isn’t going to be so easy.” Of course now I realize that Tom and I were locked in a competition in the past, perhaps better described as a duel, a duel to the death. Another clue is a dream I had shortly after being excommunicated from this site. In my dream it was evening and I was outside, the weather was beautiful, warm and peaceful. I noticed at the horizon, storm clouds gathering and thought we would soon have a thunderstorm. But the clouds moved toward me at breakneck speed. In seconds they were on top of me in the sky and the dark, dark storm turned into a human figure, a titan but even much bigger. I started to run for cover but quickly realized that it was my fear that was attracting this and I turned toward the storm and calmed myself. More and more of these ugly storm clouds came towards me and always at the last second turned into human form. And then I woke up. I realize that these storms with the human face represented me, my past, my sub-astral self, developed over many, many lifetimes of living a material based life, perhaps millions of years’ worth of stored energy. They represent the negative part of the sine wave, a symbol that helps me to understand the Infinite and myself better. So, the secret whispers from you students are true, sometimes I am a negative, sub-astral force. I acknowledge and accept that. Those energies are my homework and as long as I keep this in a present day, present moment perspective and work these events out as my life unfolds before me, I know I can rewrite, reprogram all of this.

This Inner experience has also led to reexamine my thoughts about all those other books, books not from the Moderator that are now included in the Unarius Library at El Cajon. As a home study student reading those books I assumed that the information was all valid, that it all came from the Brothers. I was in error in making that assumption. Those books have some good information. They also contain much misinformation, some of the information is just wrong. There is some interesting reading there but I do not believe they belong in the Unarius Library with the Moderator’s books. It is now clear to me that channeled information will always be distorted to some extent by the channels subconscious mind, unless of course, the mind is one completely prepared for this as was the Moderator’s. He is the clear channel; his books represent my core curriculum. Even he, the Moderator, cautioned that we as students should carefully examine his work.
My Inner experience is an example of where I am at with developing my clairvoyant aptitude, something I must continue with if I want to continue on my pathway to the Stars. I do not have the complete clear picture of all this yet, but someday I will. This reliving with Tom has been perhaps my biggest, most emotional reliving ever, much bigger than anything I ever experienced with the man of many names, Vaughan/Louis/Charles/Antares. One of my great weaknesses has been to elevate someone whom I consider superior in some regard and establish that individual as a leader in my mind. I now realize I can no longer afford to do that. It is time for me to step up to the plate and learn to be my own leader, the Moderator as my teacher. I close these remarks with his words, “That no man shall be thy master; neither shall thou be master to no man.”

On another note, one of my discoveries in my study is that the text of the lesson course does not match the Moderator’s delivery. I have made it part of my homework to change that. I have completed the first five lessons, bringing the text in line with the Moderator’s delivery. I have sent those to Tom. About half way through lesson six I realized I needed to take a break as I was becoming too frustrated with the work. But I will finish this, the 13 lesson course, beyond that I cannot commit. I will provide those files to you here if you want them.

As regards my testimonials, comments, and screenplay that have been taken down from the site at my request, I give permission to have them reinstated if the gatekeeper is so inclined. I would add that I feel that testimonials should be in a password protected file. I just think they are too much for the beginning student and may cause confusion and invite ridicule.
So onward and upward with the New Year, I welcome all challenges as an opportunity to learn just a little bit more about myself and about the Infinite.

Gary Kainz

Submitted by: Gary on 01/05/2016

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