The study and practice of the Infinite Principles, as channeled byPerson25 Dr. Norman, are in my opinion the highest calling on our planet! As a student in El Cajon, I unfortunately saw a lot of potential students leave due to certain personalities and unexpected cycles they encountered. Had they been into the study longer or knew more what to expect from other students, they may have stayed. So for any new student interested in Unarians United, it might be nice to have a posting which shares experiences from those who have been in the study for a while ... and give motivation to 'keep climbing those stairs'.

In my own case, I would like to relate the experience which started my search. I had just turned twenty, was in the Army at Ft. Gordon, Georgia for my job training, alone with a day to myself before Monday classes began. It dawned on me only then that one could get killed in the Army. The prospect of this got me to thinking ... what happens if you should die? My reasoning went like this: One of two things will happen, either there will be nothingness, or I'll still have consciousness which implies some sort of Soul. If it is nothingness, then I know my consciousness has been based on some combination of material atoms. So, until that combination comes together again, no matter how long it takes ..( since I won't have consciousness until then ).. it will seem instantaneous!

So either way, I knew I would only know ongoing consciousness! Also as backup, I pictured an Infinite timeline going infinitely back in time, as well as infinitely forward. I realized that if I had only one lifetime to live along this scale, the odds would be 'infinity to one' that it would be happening now. With this realization confirmed in my mind, I knew I had to learn more about 'Consciousness', which led me to Dr. Norman's teachings ... Hallelujah!!

So, if you have any stories, experiences, etc. you can relate which might be beneficial to any new students (or even to us old ones ) 😉 ... Go for it ... and Thanks! ... Ken.

Submitted by: Ken on 10/14/2015

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