Physicists Crystalize Light


"A team of researchers from Princeton University has started doing some very strange things with light. Instead of letting it zip by at incredibly high speed, they're stopping it dead: freezing it into crystal.


"Crucially, they're not shining light through crystal; rather, they making light into crystal. It's a process that involves fixing the particles of light known as photons in a single spot, freezing them permanently in one place. It's never been done before, and it could help develop new exotic materials with weird and wonderful properties.


"So what did they actually do? First, they built a structure made of superconducting materials, which contained 100 billion atoms engineered to act as a kind of artificial atom. Then, theyplaced the artificial atom close to a superconducting wire containing photons.


"The rules of quantum mechanics mean that the photons on the wire then inherited some of the properties of the atom. So, while photons don't usually interact with each other, in this case they became slightly linked—and began interacting with each other, a bit like particles. Darius Sadri, one of the researchers, explains to Science Blog what that made possible:


"We have used this blending together of the photons and the atom to artificially devise strong interactions among the photons. These interactions then lead to completely new collective behavior for light – akin to the phases of matter, like liquids and crystals, studied in condensed matter physics."



"The result: a kind of solid light, where photons are sat frozen in space. The devices—and the crystals—are currently incredibly small right bow. But the hope is that the system will grown, and over time the researchers will be able to make other interesting materials, like superfluids and and insulators, all out of light. Quite what they'll be used for remains unclear—but it might just be the strangest new material you'll see. [Physical Review X via Science Blog]"




Submitted by: Forrest on 09/19/2014

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4 thoughts on “Physicists Crystalize Light

  1. Ken Bond says:

    Interesting…Solid frozen light…What will they come up with next? But whatever use they come up with, probably will require an ongoing freezing process or else the frozen light will defrost. The only thing I can think of is possibly for lighting use in a frozen meat locker or perhaps in the home within the freezer of the refrigerator, where it might save on the cost of lighting inside……The solid frozen light ‘bulb’ can be replaced from your local market frozen food section after any power outage….(Smile)

    Seriously Forrest, can you think of a possible use?…….L&L…..Ken.

    • Tom Miller says:

      Yes Ken – Do you remember when, at your house, talking with the scientists in the 1970’s, that we were attempting to describe this very technology in order to build the energy tower? It was to be built using specially grown crystals that could be used to contain, and then, through computer commands, direct the energy through the system and thus resonate with other smaller machines at a distance. Tesla was working on energy propagation without wires as we tried to describe this to them. This article proves what we were attempting to get across, but they said it could not be done! Now that assertion has been debunked! We were indeed describing the Atlantean Tower, operating lo these many thousands of years ago!

      • Ken Bond* says:

        Thank you Cosmon,

        It is apparent to me now that I misinterpreted the term ‘frozen’.;)…and yes, I do recall your description for processing the accumulated energy by means of 100% pure lattice crystals. They had to be coherent and directional in order for the Tower to succeed. As I recall, we thought they would have to be manufactured in space in order to be pure enough.

        On another note, regarding the Aquarian Age where this Power Tower will probably be recreated,… after reading your comments about expected conditions and frequency levels 1000 years from now…I agree. In fact, I saw it as a ‘sine wave’. If this is correct, then instead of people expecting Horn of Plenty conditions NOW at the beginning of the Age, we are in fact at the low point of the wave form as we will again be at the very end…which would explain current world conditions.

        Thanks again for clarifying…..Ken.

  2. Madilyn Leonard Benrubi says:

    Hi Forrest,
    This is truly fascinating, thank you for sharing it with us! Making “light into crystal” just like was done in eons past but hopefully this time to more positive results. Although I have no background in quantum physics this life, I find it very interesting and really appreciate your post.

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