Flame Last night, I dreamed I involuntarily headed for a dark, long narrow passageway leading to a far-off wall. To the left and near the end of the hallway stood a beast of a being, the angel of death dressed-up as one of Light. Beside him stood a Unarius student faithfully praising and doing its bidding. Everyone crossing this hallway were first mesmerized by the student. The being then took firm hold and decapitated them. The floor was littered with severed vessels waiting eventual fate at the hands of this being.

“I take their heads and place them back on their bodies so they do my bidding when and how I please,” said the being, rolling unresponsive heads at will with its feet, then placing them back on their bodies only when these heads were ready to praise this wrongful being. Reintegrated bodies then spoke praise to this being but like a robot as if possessed.

It was my turn to pass. From afar, I saw this being through walls near the passage and it appeared as a torn-robed, hooded, red skeletal horror of a demon causing me considerable concern. Nevertheless, I had to cross this hallway. So, armed with valor and with inner flames in mind, I slowly approached the being who, upon coming into view, turned into a tall benign-looking angel boasting immense spiritual powers and impressively gallant, exotic, colorful robes indicating high archangel-like status among the Brotherhood, though such status had been stolen from the Light and repurposed for evil. The student urged me forward, and so I approached my turn with this being.

higher beings7My fear was noticeable, yet I rose hands firmly and challenged the being by placing an invisible blue flame about the being’s form with all my might, keeping the word Unarius and Shamballah in mind. Suddenly, the beast backed off slightly and said, “Shamballah, I know that place. I’ve been there before, but I go there no more.”

“You’ve stolen and distorted Dr. Norman’s teachings to kill infinite life,” I replied, keeping the being enclosed within the flame. With a long strenuous bend, the huge being reached angrily down to me but could not get through the flame. Moreover, it avoided it.

I rejoiced and boldened, saying, “There’s only one Unarius mission on Earth, and you’re not it.” Meanwhile, it’s enormous ax came down and severed everyone captured by the student ahead of me. Yet, neither the being or the student could touch me.

I realized tearfully I could do nothing for those who failed to uphold the flame by choice, now decapitated and set to follow the being. Their thoughts reached out as slight whimpers, dimly expressing the grave mistake they had made, but they lived for the being’s false promises, trusting fearfully the student’s judgement upon them. They valued their own mortal life and feasted upon false egotistical dreams far more than their true spiritual existence, and thus followed the being with fancy religious songs and fanfares, fine atoning heroic garbs, false past life beliefs, and hopes of wrongful heavenly intercession no different than the fundamentalist. But as it was with me in times past when I too chose to be beheaded by this being—but am no longer—so it is rightfully for others until their cycle of liberation arises on some future day.

hands1I entered another hallway and left this beastly field behind, never again to return. The flame remained upon my hands, turning into a sword of spiritual truthful justice, for numerous challenging hallways lie ahead. Unarius: my shield, my rock, my future.

Submitted by: Roberto on 06/22/2016

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