By Forest McNabb:

I had been studying independently, but longed to have a group of peers with which to discuss these Infinite Concepts. is a very well designed website that allows anyone to create a group to meet up in real life for whatever purpose you design. Meetup allowed me to get a large group together within a week, and soon after I had a core of eager students ready to learn.

A six month group organizer membership costs around $70, and is completely worth the investment. Don't be discouraged if things don't pick up right away though, and be happy with whatever students find you. I know that Portland is a pretty liberal-minded town, so the same overwhelming results may not occur everywhere.

Naming Your Meetup

I wanted something very simple, and very powerful. I simple chose "Unarius - Portland" as the name for the meetup group, because the name Unarius already carries a power of its own, and Portland simply gives a region to the name.

The Interests

Meetup will ask you, when you're creating your group, what interests are relevant to your group. Anyone with their profile containing these interests will get an invite to your Unarius Meetup group. You can only choose a limited number, and these are what I chose, because I felt they were well rounded.

Consciousness · Metaphysics ·Psychics · New Age · Spirituality· Intellectual Discussion ·Science and Spirituality ·Reincarnation · Energy Healing ·Spiritual Growth and Transformation· New Thought ·Higher Consciousness ·Science of Mind ·Past Life Healing ·Spiritual Awakening

Group Description

This is perhaps the most important piece, because it is on your Meetup group landing page, or in other words it's what someone sees when they find you.

I take absolutely no credit for what I wrote here. The morning I made the Unarius - Portland group I was guided on the inner by the higher Brothers. I have since recieved many compliments from different people who joined the group on how well I described the group, and how excited they were when they read it. I encourage you to use this description verbatim, as it has served me and my peers very well.

"UNARIUS is UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. We must banish the mysticism surrounding spirituality and the psychic arts through developing our concept of it as a true, sensible, factual science. Through advancing our understanding of scientific concept, we increase our understanding of our world and the Infinite, and so move ourselves forward in our spiritual evolution. The Unarius learning center in California was founded by Ernest L. Norman and his wife, Ruth Norman. Theirs was a mission to bring to us an articulate, ever-expanding guide to understanding of our reality. While studying the texts channeled by Dr. Norman is massively beneficial to understanding Truth, "Truth is a many faceted gem," and our journey to it has many roads.

Making Your Meetup Page Look Pretty

Feel free to use the banner I used on the Unarius - Portland page, and find a nice backdrop of space or something by searching for images on google's image search. Stay away from images of flying saucers and the like, as the obsession with aliens and the space fleet landing has done a lot of damage to the Unariun mission in the past. You can read more about that by clicking "UFOs and Unarius" on the upper right hand corner of the Unarians United website.

Scheduling Meetups

Our first meeting was an introductory meeting letting people know more about what Unarius means. I was fortunate enough to have Tom Miller, whom I'd never met before then, attend the meeting I hosted, and he brought a lot of power through, into our meeting.

It is important that every time you schedule a meetup, you allow the meeting to progress organically, and you don't have some pre-planned lecture to give. Your role as the organizer is that of a moderator. Control the flow of the discussion, but make sure it's just that, a discussion, and above all, let your ego slip away from you and allow the Brothers to come in and speak through you. As a moderator, be sure to keep a continuing dialogue with Tom or myself.

Some suggested talking points:

Get them to  We'll get you some cards for you to pass out to the students who come, as well as, of course, some books. But at Unarians United, students are able to connect with every other Unarius Student around the world, and get access to any book that interests them. I would be appalled to learn that through my own distractions and hangups, I held back a student who was eager to dive in and keep swimming, as I'm sure you would be too. With access to, there is no limit.

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

The Interdimensional Nature of the Energy

The True Scientific Method  This is how Nikolai Tesla worked. Instead of guess, test test test test, confirm guess or accidentally discover something crazy different that you don't understand, the true scientific method is conceiving of an idea on the Inner, a vision, per say, and then connecting that higher inspiration into the third dimension by creating its physical manifestation.

A Final Note

I wish you success in your mission. If you remember anything though, remember these two things.

Always ask for help. Your brothers on this world and in the inner are always ready to help and guide you in all things.

You don't care if people don't show up or don't study. Everyone is going to study exactly how much they want to, and there's nothing you can do about it. If their lack of interest frustrates you, take a step back and look to yourself, for that frustration inevitably stems from not satisfying your own goals for learning. As Kung Fu said, "Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean."

So learn, love, and launch yourself into the never-ending path to Infinite understanding.

And as a million dollar film franchise once said, "May the Force be with you."

Submitted by: Forrest on 08/22/2013

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