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I was just sitting, thinking about the Community and the wonderful changes in the Site. I also thought about how quiet it was and desired to share something, so I asked the Brothers for assistance. I got the inspiration to share 7 Bright Spots, but I didn't want to entitle my post with that because it has been used before. "Tale Lights!" was revealed, so here we are!

Just as a reminder, Bright Spots are messages that are channeled to me from the Inner and are synchronized with some experience (thought, person, event, circumstances, etc.,) in the life of the individual who receives one. Here the 7 Tale Lights were channeled in rapid succession, Some of them containing visions, not just messages.

Please select the Tale Light that oscillates in your consciousness and share the meaning, if you desire. I was wondering how that would work for me since I was the recipient. Let's find out what happened for me and what happens for you.

Blue: "There's nothing here for me, so I'm going North."

Yellow: "If we don't meet at the Crossroads, I don't know where we'll meet."Light_dispersion_conceptual_waves350px

Green: "Dig here. You'll find what you need."

Violet: Violet, snowcapped mountains; a village in the valley. Springtime.

Coral: "I watched the powerful horses fun forward; they scattered on the way back."

Red: Four white-robed beings are sitting around a fire; a fourth one in an ecru robe appears behind them, beyond the light of the fire. "'Better late than never,'' he said. "Put that out there." I was aware that the adage meant nothing to Him.

Orange: "Leadership."

Recording the Lights to post here, nothing happened when I got to the color orange; no message, no vision, so I took a few minutes to do a minor chore in the house. I sat back down, then saw my father whom I've been thinking a lot about lately, as he made the transition on January 31, 2000. Then I understood the orange Tale Light was meant for me. My father was a leader, a provider for his family, and in those capacities, he was awesome. Even now, I miss him. Suddenly, I saw many Beings rushing in, attracted to the Orange Tale Light. They were experiencing joy, chattering, scrambling and falling over each other."Post it," my father said.

Love and Light

Submitted by: Naimah on 01/18/2016

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