There is a stream of crystal clear water flowing through a wooded area.  The stream is bordered by trees with shiny leaves--some crystal, some green, and none of them are flawed. I see now that the leaves are made from the stream's water, the trees are nourished by it, and so is the grass that glistens in the sun like ice on bare tree branches in winter.  No matter what season,  no matter what occurs around the stream, it does not change. On the slope, there is a large egg; the lower portion of the shell is like any other, but the top is translucent, shiny, also made from the stream. Because I have not looked closely, the environment is  revealing that all of it is made from the crystal water; this I need to know so you can too. (You are invited to enter the Realm of the Stream for the pleasure you are already experiencing. If you will look into the luscious trees that your vision will penetrate momentarily,  you will see five white beings on the hills beyond, robed in white, waving too us.  Return the gesture, and relax...)

They  want me tspirit5o look at the egg now.  There is someone inside, tapping the interior;  the crystal portion is falling gently away, as it does when a chick is born into its domain.  However, from this egg a woman emerges, nourished by the  stream refreshed, healed, ready for the next cycle of her life. I am seeing myself!  The five are beckoning for me to approach them,  so I do.  As I get closer,  I am walking down a gravel road, but I am uncomfortable and want to get back to the Realm of the Stream.  They are aware of my desire to never return to the place (my past) that the road can take me, and in one musical voice, they say, "You won't go back."

I am pleased. Now a crowd behind the five cheers for me; they rush toward me with books, tablets, pencils and pens, scrolls, candles, and flames burning frhigher world3om their hands. 

There is one standing tall; he appears to be reading to me from a small book, but the message comes from the depth of his being, from the world that is his home. He is many, not just one being, and he now talks to me about how I will be further assisted. I'm leaving the Realm of the Stream now with my Friends. I see myself stepping out of another egg.



Submitted by: Naimah Combs on 02/11/2015

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