I rarely thought of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, whatever one chooses to call him, until I began to have the recurring thought that I was going to have an encounter with him. Having learned to trust such precognitions, I was certain that something was going to happen any day during that summer of 1985, so I kept my simple box camera with me, particularly when I was driving, thinking that I would see him crossing someplace on the long curved street where I lived, and hopefully get a picture. My small son and I lived in what used to be my great aunt's house, just up the street from my parents. Providence Road curved eastward on both ends, toward the Mississippi River.

Several times, people in the community, including myself had glimpses of something in the woods or heard loud howls; loggers told stories of hearing such sounds in other areas in the city, and on one occasion, one of them was fearful, feeling that he was being watched by something nearby among the trees. One day in 1984, prior to my aunt's transition, my brother and my dad went to check on her because all of us had heard the loud, long screams, seemingly coming from the shallow woods behind her house. But Auntie didn't mention them, so neither Robert or my dad spoke of them, leaving her to think they were just dropping by.


IT WAS AROUND 10:30 p.m., a summer night in 1985. I heard loud breathing above the sound of the fan in my bedroom window. I knew immediately that it was a lonely, male Sasquatch, and that he was lodged against that window. I got up and quietly found my way, in the dark to the wall phone in the kitchen and called the Sheriff's office. Going back toward the window, I heard heavy footsteps walking away, and by the time the deputy arrived, Sasquatch was gone. With his naturally deep breaths, he returned after the deputy left.

By midnight, the officer had been to my house twice, and both times Sasquatch was gone. Deciding not to make that call again, I removed the fan from the window and lowered it.

While my son slept, I put shoes on his feet and thought of the best exit to take from the house if the huge ape-like creature started to enter. I was thinking also that any noise he made would cover us if we had to run out, or that I may have to carry my son. I wasn't afraid, and unto this day, I do not know why. Eventually, I fell asleep until the next morning.

I checked the area around the window, but there were not footprints in the thick grass. When I told my parent's about the event, little Salah, who wished Sasquatch to be distant said, "Mom, I'm glad all Bigfoots live in China"! At the time of this event, I had no knowledge of past lives.


JUST TODAY, APRIL 12, 2018, I was sitting on my front porch; after putting aside The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, I suddenly had a flashback of myself sitting on my front porch in a past life. It was so real! In the vision, several disturbed neighbors were approaching my house, discussing a recent appearance of Sasquatch. Moments later, he seemed to enter my yard on the walkway and drift up to my porch. I got up and went inside, hoping to move on to something else, but Sasquatch was still present; it was eerie! Then I had another flashback of myself in another lifetime--a Native American, a man, standing in the presence of the creature, looking into his face.

As I come to the end of this testimonial, they are still present, and I wonder if Sasquatch is a peaceful being. I wonder about his sentience.

Love and Light,

Submitted by: Naimah on 04/12/2018

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