The Holy Grail

I looked but could not see - listened but did not hear
Confusion reigns causing great fear
Many faces from different places
Tried to run couldn’t get away
Tried drugs couldn’t erase the memory
Looking for escape from my self imposed hell
To leave the confines of my prison cell
The shadows of my soul eclipsing the sun
Dark clouds in my eyes
Block the secrets of the stars in the skies
From my heart comes a ripple of hope
As I gaze at a new found pathway an upward slope
Looking out looking in
The guidance for my life comes from within
Past memories go to the recycle bin
Present experience brings the light of a sun
Pressure releases no need to run
My new found light from within illuminates a trail
Have I discovered the Holy Grail

Gary Kainz
December 2002

Submitted by: Gary Kainz on 01/26/2014

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