Several years ago in my pre-Unariun days, maybe around 1985, I experienced a very vivid dream/vision. I was at my home in this dream, a very beautiful home in a valley surrounded on all sides by assassins1mountains covered with a pine forest. It was early in the morning and I was outside, in the corral with my horse. My senses were highly attuned to everything going on around me, every sound and every movement. I quickly realized that there were six assassins hiding in the brush in the hillside above me. They had come to kill me. Somehow I knew exactly where they were. They were spaced apart in a 180 degree arc. I casually walked over to retrieve my weapon, a special handmade assassin’s rifle. I took a few seconds to assemble it as I formulated a plan in my mind. As I completed the assembly I immediately took aim at assassin number one and fired. The bullet found its mark. I repeated this process for the next three assassins, each time successfully finding my target with a fatal shot. I aimed and pulled the trigger at assassin number five and my trusty rifle misfired. I set my sights on number six and again my aim was perfect. As I swung back to take care of number five my chest exploded, a fatal shot had penetrateassassins2d my heart. Then I woke up.
During this same period I would take time each day to sit back, close my eyes and relax. In this relaxed state I would see pictures of men flash by, one at a time, hundreds of them, maybe thousands. This went on for weeks, perhaps months. I don’t think I ever saw the same face twice. I had a friend who was a pretty good psychic and I asked her about these flashing pictures. She smiled at me and replied that someday I would know.
I analyzed that dream for a long time, looking for the missing pieces. Frederick Forsyth's book “The Day of the Jackal” had been especially fascinating to read. At that time my ego still had the best of me and I wore that lifetime proudly as inwardly I knew that I had accomplished great things in that highassassins3assassins4ly trained professional endeavor. When the Bourne movies (staring Matt Damon) came out I was again fascinated. I watched the movies over and over as I would pick up more nuances every time. A few weeks ago I was again watching one of these movies. Jason Bourne was an assassin, trained by the CIA. His true identity was lost to him, compartmentalizassassins6.pged somewhere in his mind by the CIA brainwashing. He was trying to regain that memory, to escape this mind control he had been subjected to. He was explaining this to his girlfriend, frustrated that he could not find his true past. He related that even his attempts to sleep were tormented, when he closed his eyes he saw pictures of all the people he had killed. And then I knew…I really knew. The photos I had viewed in my relaxed state all those years ago were my victims, all the people I had killed.
Today I often contemplate all of this and more, gross decadent materialism, the unquenchable thirst foassassins5r power and all that goes with it. My only wish is to lead a quiet, peaceful, harmonious, pain free life and to gain all the knowledge I can of the Life of Spirit. I have had enough of life here in the bottom of the pit where jackals feed. It is time to move on.


Submitted by: Gary on 01/30/2015

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