They wait to rob Him
of the treasure they say He carries.
He approaches -
the rustle of silken cloth
and whispering of Love-Light messages abounding
on His never-ending journey.

"Hello", the wiser thief hails,
stepping swiftly onto the pathway;
the other advances slowly
in the fragrance of sweet olive trees;
their orange-yellow corollas
teem like Starlings in Tanzania.

"I want your treasure"!,
the thief orders, vexing his prey, he thinks.
"We got the story; the gem you carry...
I'm going to make it mine".

"Mine as well". chimed his rapacious pal
with a gleam in his eyes.

"The Gem I carry is Within,
and sharing Its Light is what I do".

Neither thief comprehended the Love.

"Well...ain't you the bird walking",
the wiser thief says, raising light-fingers,
and both thieves
spill laughter like children in the face of clowns.

Then, sullen, both release a threat, they think,
to the One without fear of low vibrations
as Celestial Birds in Light formations
lift Him into his future.

Submitted by: Naimah on 03/30/2018

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