download This morning, an old dream suddenly came to mind, one I had when I was about nine years old in Cuba. I never realized until now this was indeed a past life flashback. In this dream, which was in full color, it was morning hours and I, a young boy, was running toward the rising sun through abandoned concrete lots. It was about 9:00 am and patches of snow and sleepy weeds covered the ground in what seemed the coming of spring time. I jumped over a low metal wire fence dividing one lot from the other until coming to the last lot at the northwest corner of two single lane streets.

To my right, a black car stopped at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green. On the southwest corner across the street, a multi-story building stood with its main entrance facing north. Across the top of the entrance, a fancy sign said in big letters: "F. W. WOOLWORTH CO." I had seen no Woolworth stores in Cuba and by 1967 the downtown store had been modified by the new regime.

I leaned against the fence keeping me from approaching the street and thought joyfully, "How wonderful is America." I felt I was an immigrant recently introduced to the states and looked up and down the cross street witnessing a plethora of stores and businesses not common to where I was from. The man in the car, and older gentleman, rolled down the window and talked to me in English, very friendly but firm, somehow knowing I was a foreigner. I barely understood what he said, I was not yet well versed in English in that life, but got good vives from him. Inside I felt I would some day be like him, have a car, be kind to others like he was, and contribute to my new society and home. I took a good look at the car but could not identify it ... not until today. It was a 1936 Chevrolet.

Two and a half years later, I would relive being a child migrant again, back to the US, at age 11. What a wonderful surprise it was when, days later, I walked by a store that said: "F. W. WOOLWORTH CO." Of course, unaware of reincarnation, I knew not what to think. But how wonderful we have the science that helps us bring order and healing to ancient memories. The world must know so they can also achieve order and healing for their memories probably going unnoticed.

Submitted by: Roberto on 09/05/2015

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