Just a few minutes ago when I finished my post under "Relative Motion and the Vortex,"  Ibuddha2 paused, staring at my computer because there was a deep silence in front of me, not behind or on either of my sides. My inner question was, "What's happening?" Then a huge man in an egg-shell colored robe appeared on my right side; he stands there, still, looking down at me as I type this, touching my shoulder, smiling. Now he lifts his left hand above his head, and his robe changes to a beautiful royal blue with white trim around the sleeves.

flame2"Know this," he says. "You are not alone, even in this silence." I look to my right for him, because his presence is intense, though I know he's on the Inner Plane. Then I get up to turn the heat down, and I feel myself walking through him!


Being13"Continue," he says when I sit back down.  "The time will come..." (And simultaneously, I  get his explanation for his use of the word time.)  when there will be much to do here."  I  see people cheering behind him; they are coming down on winding paths that turn around great hills.  At first, it was dark around them, now there is Light glowing from their bodies and I am seeing  color in their clothing and skin. There are adults, children, bright white sheep,  and fledglings flying above all of them.  On the Inner Plane they can fly!  All are rushing toward The Community. The man next to me, waves as he seems to be drawn back into his realm.

I want to share that in November, I was aware of energies projected to me from one of the Leas2Healing Centers on Venus.  I could see myself on a cot with about 7 or 8 people around me, wearing white robes, telling me what to expect. When the projections started,  I saw myself descend to a lower room, and that was a room in my house, where I was relaxed on my couch, receiving the energies!

These things, my Spirit Friend wanted me to post.  There's more, but not now.

Love and Light


Submitted by: Naimah Combs on 02/10/2015

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