My name is Kenneth Bond - a new student of Unarians United, but an old student of Unarius.  I discovered Dr. Norman's works in the summer of 1968, was blown away, and have been a student ever since.  I am looking forward to participating with all of you and feel the interactive format is terrific...Good Show!

The testimonial I want to relate is a healing to my shoulders and arms.  The painful condition began following the funeral of my mother.  I couldn't raise my arms any higher than shoulder level and the pain made sleeping very difficult.  This funeral event and meeting my cousins again after 20 years tuned me in to the end cycle of a specific Roman lifetime. This lifetime was given to me many years ago by Cosmon to explain the primary cycle and karmic connection with my family, relatives, etc.  It was totally accurate.

This was a life in Germany during the reign of Hadrian.  I was a Roman soldier who rebelled against a suicide mission by killing the General who was enforcing it.  As second in command I wasn't going to let this newly arrived armchair General kill my men.  As a result, it led to a Roman legion being sent, a legion which included my cousins.  The rebellion was put down and I was crucified in that fashion which particularly harms the shoulders.

When I recognized what I was reliving and with whom, the condition cleared up right away.  It is incredible that a yearlong pain can disappear that suddenly by applying principle.  We who are in the study are indeed fortunate.  The Normans did us all a great service.

Oh! lastroman1 thing--it is interesting to note that in a previous lifetime to the Hadrian cycle, I was a Roman officer who ordered the death by crucifixion of several ringleader Roman soldiers who started a rebellion back then.

So, what goes around...comes around.  The arrows you shoot out at others will all come back to you, unless you gain better understanding, or learn to duck! 🙂

Love to all...Kenneth



Submitted by: Kenneth Bond on 10/14/2013

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