He called... "Tweet, tweet"
and tweeted again,
"That's what I say when I'm not singing"!

"Write this down", he ordered.
I did.
He tweeted again,
"Did you get that"?

I did, I said.
Little Bird laughed,
flailing one wing as if crippled
until I smiled, looking away,
so he could not see.
He did, however and tweeted
and it twinkled
in the eye he winked.
He was happy!
I asked why.

"Here, this place
is The Beautiful One.
You think so"!
I thought so. I did ...
but asked if this was silly.
Not the Beauty,
but Little Bird and his tweeted notes!

"No", he tweeted.
"Though you think so ..."
I wrote them down
and passed them on ...
the notes I hoped no one would know
he had tweeted ...
that I'd recorded
what he says when he's not singing.

Submitted by: Naimah on 12/21/2017

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