Amplitude & frequency waveform diagram examples:

The following short video tutorials are presented to help the student visualize and understand what Dr. Norman is speaking of when he describes the similarities between the 3rd dimensional representations that explain the waveform, frequency, harmonic and cyclic motions of energy and the interdimensional  structure of vortexual movements. These videos focus on sound manifestations, but the basic principles are the same as the higher dimensional energies with the exception that time and frequency - which is incorporated into the Infinite regenerations within the core movements of the forces which are demodulated into these lower dimensions. The purpose here is not to try and make an electrical engineer of the student, but is presented to help us visualize and understand the energy propagation of the Infinite.

Phase & harmonics

Waveform diagrams 

Frequencies & sound explained #1 - Basic sound theory

Frequencies & Sound explained #2 - Simple Waveforms Combined

Frequencies & Sound explained #3 : Ø Phase / Phaseshift

Frequencies & Sound explained #4 : Harmonics & Harmonic distortion

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