In the following 3 short videos the scientists attempt to describe the brain and how they think it works. However, they do not know why the brain works or the power underlying the function as a transceiver between the 4th dimensional psychic body and the outside world. Dr. Norman then speaks about the relationship of psychic-Brain function and the reason behind the purpose of the Brain.

Brain Activity Map explained by Science Director - How Does the Brain Function

The Learning Brain

The Brain

From 'Tempus Interludium II' pages 49-60

In our most recent discussions on the Subject, hypnosis and other allied subjects pertinent and relevant to brain function were discussed and it was again firmly re-established that such adjunctive factors and other presently existing exploratory devices and other such expressions as are concerned with brain function are actually electrophysical and not confined strictly in the physical dimension as is now so totally conceived by scientists and doctors of this time; however there are also other relevant factors which are, like hypnosis and certain reactive mind functions, equally important and should be discussed at this time. In fact, there has been a whole new dimension opened up to bring medical science up to the present time in our comparative analysis with the Unariun texts. We will therefore explore and discuss in simplest terms possible what is happening in the world of science and medicine today.

Quite recently, certain doctors in hospitals and clinics have developed a treatment which they believe is valuable in the cure of Parkinson's disease-a certain condition which causes a trembling or palsy of the extremities. By merely drilling or cutting a hole in the top of the skull and inserting a long hollow probe down into the hypothalamus, they then circulate liquid nitrogen which has a temperature of some 200 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. A certain portion of this hypothalamus is frozen and there is an immediate cessation of the trembling palsy-like symptoms of the patients; the doctors believing that such results are a cure. There has been no explanation as yet into any other far-reaching effects of what such a process might involve.

Also equally relevant are certain types of lobotomies brain operations which actually sever certain portions of the brain, the belief being that they will cure certain criminal tendencies or that they may correct certain types of insanities. Again on this Subject, it is quite openly apparent that the man of medicine or the scientist does not know anything about the psychic
anatomy and is conducting his research and operative techniques purely within the physical dimension. There is currently available to everyone through medical books and other types of journals, a total and complete synthesis of all currently available knowledge as it has been so compiled by the medical scientific professions, the structure of the brain and its many billions of cells, the different portions of the brain, the cortexallayers and the underlying thalamus and even into the terminating hypothalamus. All of these structural compounds have been so illustrated and documented that even the small child has this information available to him.

But again, the most important part of this whole consensus of knowledge is missing and that missing portion is, of course, the true human, the psychic anatomy-the energy body-a fourth-dimensional adjunctive body living in complete control and harmony with the physical body, and through certain kinds of inductive relationships, the process of life, thinking, consciousness, etc., is carried on through an extremely complex principle of electrical impulses which I have defined as sine waves, vortexual patterns within the psychic anatomy, the different planes of transmission, etc., and each brain cell does, in itself, represent an individual transmitter and receiver in this conductive and receiving process.

Now so far as the operation which is done is one which is basically developed from the science of cryogenics or super-cold, this is a very simple elemental process of destroying part of the brain. The doctor does not know that in the process of life in some way, due to certain life experiences, shocks, etc., certain spurious harmonics were set up within the brain wave patterns which relate certain information through this inductive process into the control of the vital motive centers of the body. All humans have certain planes of reference; I shall call them, wherein these electro-inductive processes are carried on much the same as we would find a tuned wave emitting from a transmitter.

All humans carry different wave frequencies, just as do the transmitters carry different vibrating impulses wherein such electronic circuitry as is contained in a television set, for example, can function normally according to these predetermined frequencies. When the probe is inserted into the hypothalamus and it literally destroys part or most of the hypothalamus, it merely interrupts these certain harmonic patterns. It has not, in any sense of the word, corrected the originating cause which is basically a series of impulses stemming from the psychic anatomy which generated spurious harmonic frequencies and thus produced the trembling of the limbs. The hypothalamus is the connecting link between such brain functions and certain physical reactive processes which are expressed by the body and in any normal capacity with any human, these types of harmonic frequencies represent these base plane references of which I have spoken.

This principle is equally true with organ transplant, such as heart, kidney, etc. All humans have these base plane references and are tuned differently either to a small or to a larger degree. In the final synthesis, all these compound electronic impulses stemming from the psychic anatomy into the physical, represent, individually speaking, certain different textures, I shall call them, in this total synthesis. Now in the defense mechanism of the body, the leucocytes, for example, as they have been born and bred, so to speak, through evolution and in the normal human anatomy, are tuned to these frequencies and they recognize them in every one of the many and almost countless billions of cells in the human anatomy; and to each individual leukocyte these are friendly Signals. The leukocyte will defend anyone or all of these cell structures to the death because they are tuned sympathetically to it and it recognizes these impulses. However, if we introduce an organ into the body which does not have the same correlationship of tuned
frequencies, the leukocyte immediately recognizes the differences and attacks the cell structure because this is exactly the function which it was developed to do through evolution. Any foreign substances such as germ cells or bacteria which enter into the human anatomy are immediately attacked by the leucocytes because they do not represent these vibrating impulses. A heart transplant, for example, functions exactly the same way, except instead of a germ organism, we have a heart organism and the doctor who made the transplant must, from that moment on, introduce drugs into the system of the transplant patient which will destroy the leucocytes and keep them down to a level where they cannot damage the newly introduced organ.

In time, it is quite possible of course, that this new heart or kidney, whichever the case may be, may to some extent, due to the reconstruction processes, be sort of indoctrinated or re-acclimated so that it will at least partially vibrate to these different vibrating structures of the normal human psychic anatomy which is in command of that physical body. However, the problem here and the ratio of incidences of failures or successes are astronomically against such transplants which, of course, accounts for the almost total failure of any transplant patient-or victim, whichever you prefer, to live beyond a certain predetermined time. The longest living kidney transplant at the present happens to be two years for only one person. A heart transplant has lived now beyond the time of one year. (Since this period he, too, has died.) Here again we are involved in the semantics of what constitutes the value of life, what people will place upon an extra added year or two of living in this material earth world and to their general lack. of knowledge of what lies beyond this third dimension, all of which I have presented in the books and texts of the Unariun curriculum.

Now getting back to the proposition of a lobotomy or the severing of a certain portion of the brain which to the doctor or neurosurgeon may hopefully represent control of certain types of insanity: now, as I have said, this lobotomy operation is not new; it was performed by the Egyptians one or two thousand years B.C., and certain very primitive aboriginal tribes also developed their own type of cranial surgery, such as scraping or cutting out the bone, making a hole, the purpose of which was ostensibly to let out a demon which caused a headache. Today this same type of surgery has, hopefully, a much more therapeutic or corrective value.

In 1848, a Swiss doctor performed the first lobotomy; the success of this operation, however, was not particularly promising. In 1947, a certain criminal named Millard Wright, at his own request, had a lobotomy performed upon him. As a burglar and a sexual pervert, he was finally turned loose into the world and while he had previously committed his crimes without compassion or remorse, the difference was that now he went back to his old criminal activities but with a conscience and this conscience bothered him so much that he finally committed suicide. However, he did write a book on his experiences which can be obtained at the present time. The name of the book is "The Dark Side of the House". (Dial Press)

Lobotomies are being presently experimentally performed on certain types of criminals for the express purpose of trying to make them, in a sense, forget these criminal propensities; and by isolating a certain portion of the brain by simply cutting or severing it from the rest of the brain, the surgeon or doctor has tried to correct this condition. Again, this is a very crude and primitive approach and quite obviously points out the glaring fact that all scientists, doctors, biologists, etc., engaged in such exploratory or therapeutic practices upon the races of mankind as of today, know absolutely nothing about the true causative agents in any of these human derelictions and illnesses. They have absolutely no knowledge of the psychic anatomy or of the electrophysical process involved in this life process. The same proposition is quite true in the shock treatment therapy which has been quite extensively used in the different psychiatric wards and hospitals of the country, the idea here being simply to try to interrupt certain types of brain wave patterns as they were graphically illustrated on the encephalograph.

Now it's quite easy to see that the introduction of a considerable jolt of electricity into the brain is going to do some damage. It's going to disrupt certain oscillating patterns and wave forms. If this constant electrical process is continued and these jolts are continuously superimposed, then permanent damage will result. While the brain cells themselves do not contain, nerves, nor are they interconnected by nerve structures, there is a placenta-like nerve involvement throughout the brain wherein the different structures or portions of the brain are so interconnected. One of these main nerve connections is called the vagus nerve - the one which conducts as a main trunk line the nerve impulses into the physical body; the sense of sight, feel, hearing, etc. There is also, between these different brain cell structures, the cortexallayers and the thalamus, a fibrous-like material and surrounding the entire brain is a plasma.

Brain tumors of numerous kinds and from numerous causes can also manifest themselves within any portion of one of these brain lobes. The correct diagnosis, the placement or the exact position of the tumor and any operative procedures or techniques can be developed from some rather ingenious developments which have recently been brought about. This development involves a radioactive isotope which is introduced into the venous system. There, this radioactive substance goes into the brain and by an electronic instrument which moves with a stylus probe across the skull, a graph or chart is made and which, like a Geiger counter will, through different densities of spots, locate where the tumor is, because the theory being, the tumor absorbs more of the radioactive substance than do the surrounding brain cells and by using this Geiger counter instrument and its stylus probe to move across the cranium, the brain tumor can be quite accurately located and is far superior to the former process of draining the cranial fluid, introducing nitrogen gas and taking X-ray pictures.

Now, of course, brain surgery for tumors can be and is quite productive in a sense that some lives are saved, but again the semantics which are involved, and quite obviously the doctors do not know the originating cause of this brain tumor which could have been a bullet in a former lifetime or a blow on the head with a club or a stone ax. Anyone of a thousand different causations could have, in some previous life, re-manifested as a tumor in the present because the malfunction has not been corrected in the psychic anatomy. And this is really what Unarius is all about-to present, not only individually to a student the pertinent facts which are involved in the personal evolution wherein a true corrective therapy can be instituted, but also on a grand scale as it totally involves humanity. This therapeutic knowledge and subsequent practice could be instigated to the degree that the now currently unknown and incurable diseases would all quickly yield to that magic which is involved in the simple process of knowledge, the application of feedback, correction of the different malignant anomalies which are in the psychic anatomy and thus free this particular person from any future redevelopments and subsequent pain, and even death from these psychic anomalies and malfunctions.

It might be well to mention, too, that any of the many other different mental aberrations now classified in psychology or psychiatry or materia medica can also very easily and logically be explained. Take the proposition of the retarded child, the epileptic-and an epileptic is one in which we have quite a Similar proposition as is found in Parkinson's disease-there is a buildup in the psychic anatomy and in the brain cell structures, a certain spurious harmonic pattern which, when it is built up to a certain point, discharges and practically, for a time being, paralyzes all normal brain functions. The person then is said to be having an epileptic seizure. It is quite possible to prevent such seizures by merely changing certain wave form patterns and by discharging certain other harmonics which are being regenerated in the psychic anatomy, a simple process of analysis and corrective therapy along these well-established concepts which I have presented.

There is, of course, much more which could be discussed in relationship to these different types of mental aberrations and the position which materia medica or the medical profession and science, as a whole, takes on this proposition of life, a tremendous and highly complex proposition which is not physical or biological but which is basically electrical. It should be defined and understood as such. The cell structures in the body compounded of molecules should always be visualized as atoms; and as atoms they are electrical constituents and vibrate or oscillate according to well-known and predetermined laws of harmonics, all interconnected in what I have described as electro-magnetic fields of force, with each other as molecules; and as molecules, with each other as cells, and with each other as cells combining to make organs, and as a total combination of organs, the human anatomy. The same is quite true with any other animate object upon the face of this planet; the human being, however, remaining as the most highly developed and highly complex of all such anatomies.

And so at this point we might well pause to speculate: the witch doctor in the thatched hut of a jungle village scraping away at the skull of a long-suffering patient is indeed a far cry from the comparatively highly skilled neurosurgeon in a modern operating room of some great city hospital. Yet, there are similarities; neither the witch doctor nor the neurosurgeon know the true originating causes of what they are trying to correct. Neither do these Individuals recognize nor do they have any knowledge of the inner dimensions once called the Kingdom Within or the Many Mansions.

Life as a whole, and as it is so represented on such a planet as the earth, is merely a prehensile extension of the total effigy of Infinite Creation as it so manifests in all its multiplicities. It is never duplicated, but always with some either obvious or indefinable differences which, individually, relate all such consonance back into the basic principles and elements of creation itself-the ever-resurgent, regenerating and re-creating facsimile of Infinite Creation; creation as it is so presented in the vast inter dimensional cosmos and interpreted individually on the planet earth as an ego -an individual ego-most necessarily developed in all its reactive factors as the supporting effigy of life itself. For life on such a planet as this earth is one of constant conflict and a never-ending succession of alertness needed in an embattlement with the hostile environment. And in this planetary environment does life present what seems to be obvious conflicts and differences, yet are ever soluble when they can be comprehensively understood on the basis of evolutionary reincarnation, again one of the most necessary adjunctive prehensile supplementations of Infinite Creation.

So man becomes, while within himself all-important, a proud, boastful creature who, figuratively pounding upon his chest as he displays himself to the world, yet always must he be so identified with those whom he is trying to impress with his superiority. For this superiority lives in the redundancy of those who recognize these so-called fancied superiorities, either as they are inclinated within his own texture of the ego, or as they are sublimated by outside, exterior, surface manifestations. And what then of the future? Could the future be different than it is so presented by anyone of the pages of the past, or even in the differences as they manifest in the present. For the neurosurgeon could have indeed been the reincarnate jungle witch doctor, just as is the atomic physicist who has reconstructed the nuclear holocaust within the dimension of our own time, only reconstituting the psychic effigy of the world he helped destroy in ancient Atlantis.

So, the synonyms are constantly and never-unceasingly being displayed, only properly understood as evolution or reincarnation, the proposition of life so assiduously being searched for, to be placed as an element which can be dealt with as butter and cheese, yet always the ever and never-quite-placed element of understanding which eludes the biochemist, the biologist, the astrophysicist, the doctor, or anyone of those who have, either in scientific or in philosophical trends, searched for the enigma of life; yet so simply presented in the constant and never-changing facade of life as it is so presented ever and about us. The cause, the answer and the constant deployment of these creative principles are some of the most redundant factors of our lives, yet are never comprehensively understood or even suspected that they are there. For always must this inescapable life factor be so placed within comprehension as a cell, a molecule or whatever it is that the nomenclature of that science so invents to substitute a comprehensive understanding against the insanity of his biological world.

So let them indulge in their cranial surgeries, their lobotomies, their transplants; despite the affluences and incomprehensible extensions of man's inquisitive seeking, there are always checks and balances-built in checks and balances against such inordinate and incomprehensible extrusions of evolution. For man himself does, in the final consensus of all such insanities, destroy not only the desire to propagate and instigate such insanities but these insanities in themselves are self-destructive. Only within the context of a universal interdimensional cosmos can we find the true answer to what life is, its origins and to whatever terminus we, individually, may expect in our evolution; a terminus which is always and ever present according to how we define and confine our own mental stature within the structure of our understanding, to how we let the ego structure build itself into gargantuan proportions and completely contradictory to such a comprehensive understanding. For the ego is, in itself, a great monster-an ever-present monster-that while it may, to some degree, be justifiable as an implementation for life upon the planet earth, yet this ego must always be comprehensively understood and rebuilt as evolution so dictates; and as evolution so dictates, so shall our environments change. And with the changing of our environment is a commensurate understanding and comprehension of all that which is involved.

To the doctor, the neurosurgeon who performs a lobotomy, perhaps he has indoctrinated himself in his own ego structure that he is performing the most ultimate in the consensus of human understanding, yet infinitely small and abysmally ignorant when it is compared to the entire facade of Infinite Creation. So let the moral lesson remain; we as instrumentations of Infinite Intelligence must always be completely ductile to the proposition of infinite evolutionary progression. We must ever change-change in our environmental attitudes and our environments-change within ourselves as to our attitudes toward all things, change in our comprehensions, yet always remaining steadfast to those principles from which Infinite Creation was so compounded.

Ernest L Norman

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