The Unariun principles were first expounded by Dr Ernest L Norman in 1954. Long before the 20th century, these expanded concepts which have been brought to our attention through the teaching of the Moderator of Unarius, the scientist has struggled with the puzzling aspects presented by matter at the most microscopic level. In their quest to understand matter and energy and time and space, they have touched upon the truth of the interdimensional concepts taught in Unarius - which were presented almost sixty years ago.

As of this time, they refuse to cross that all important threshold into the fourth dimensional nature of the atom, and are somewhat mystified by the intricate interactions of energy - and as they call it 'spooky action at a distance' of matter, energy, time and space. However, as the following videos show, they are proving the energy principles despite the lack in the knowledge of this all important and empowering force of the psychic structures - continually generated by the Inter-Universal Infinite Mind!


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