The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.The accompaniment videos presented asks the question which is ages old. What is reality? Like all limited earth man questions, the answer lies within a dimension of physical interactions. Yet here too is the great enigma of life: that the force behind the force of our so-called reality resides and expresses from the Psychic Anatomy - the 4th dimensional matrix making itself known through the five physical senses which makes up our consciousness.

Contrary to belief, the brain does not retain incoming information. It is only a transceiver that interprets the third dimension through the energy patterns oscillating within the Psychic Body and then re-translates to the physical senses that make up our perceptions. The end of the second video approaches this conclusion. See Dr. Norman's Comments below.

Dr Norman's reply,comment and/or teaching



Now while man has, at this time, made such amazing progress, has electrified and computerized his civilization, and has even begun to explore space, yet even more strangely enough he knows little or nothing about the greatest computer of all, the human being! Yes, indeed this is so. Man is essentially and in principle, a robot-computer, and one which has progressed in its development to a point far beyond any electronic mechanical contrivance he has invented.


Every human who has lived or is so living, or will live, functions basically in principle as does a

computer, except that it is a vastly expanded system of function and which is also bi-dimensional, or functions simultaneously in two dimensions. Like all computers, man has been fed or feeds himself information which is done on the life experience basis and from life to life. This information is stored in his memory banks - the psychic anatomy.

This is a timeless proposition where any such experience as an energy wave form vibrating in a closed circuit oscillates forever. The Internal Revenue of the United States has the financial record of every American taxpayer imprinted on a piece of microfilm about one-half inch long. A single reel of micro-tape contains many years of financial records for a hundred thousand people, or even a million!


The memory banks of our psychic anatomy function on many levels which could be called base plane frequencies. A very important function is in the super-vision, maintenance, and repair of the physical body. There are hundreds of millions of cells in a human body and there are thousands of different kinds of cells. Loosely speaking, each cell is surrounded by a micro-thin membrane. Within the protoplasm of the cell, there is a complete chemical laboratory which carries on a chemical synthesis above and beyond any contrived by science.

It takes in certain chemicals, re-manufactures them, and even converts them into other substances. It even generates an electrochemical charge of ultrahigh-frequency electricity with which it carries on through the nerves, conversation with the brain and the psychic anatomy; and just as in the computer, this conversation is in the form of different sequential Signals. The psychic anatomy, however, is the guiding mandate in all cellular functions and activities. The psychic anatomy constantly feeds into each cell a constant stream of information, even when the cell divides and becomes two; and there are about one and one-half million new cells so regenerated in the human body every minute, principally to replace those which have died or been destroyed; for the cell, too, has a natural life cycle. And so here again is one of the most amazing and yet utterly almost unknown functions of life; in fact, it is this constant stream of energy information fed into each cell, each molecule which composes the cell, and each atom which composes the molecule, which is that mysterious life force which the scientist has yet to discover.

As of this time, the science of biology has relegated this life intelligence as coded information in the DNA molecule. He has not yet divined that the DNA molecule is, in turn, only another coded form and is fed coded information on function, activity, etc., from the infinite wave forms of energy contained in the memory banks of the psychic anatomy. Yes, even the individual atom of that DNA molecule performs its function, radiates its own EMF and is otherwise that certain specific atom from information constantly fed into it through its own psychic anatomy and from the memory banks of Infinite Intelligence.

Tempus Invictus - Pages 11-13, Copyright 1965 by Unarius Educational Foundation


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