We now continue with the expose' of our wonderful prodigies, part2 - Souls who are giving us a glimpse of our future. As we watch them express a Higher standard of consciousness, our own souls soar to new heights, wherein the fantastic and unbelievable creative potentials await us in our own future - a future where we will also contact within our Superconsiousness the Infinite possibilities that earmarks the mastery of self!

Dr. Norman's teaching is a promise of such wondrous expressions if we stay steadfast to our own overcoming, making it possible to learn of and participate with Infinite Intelligence - expressed from an Interdimensional Perspectus!! 

Again - Many of the videos are not spoken in English, however, our purpose is to focus on the actual talent they display. Please enjoy!

Bella, a 4 year old from Russia - She proves that she speaks, reads and understands 7 different languages.



Tsung Tsung - 4 years of age from China, Pianist



Cleverest Children
Adora Svitak - 10 years old - a Chinese descendant from Seattle WA. Writer, Poet and Speaker.
Adi Putra - 9 years old from Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. Mathematician, Marketer.
Ainan Celeste Cawley - 8 years old from Singapore. Chemist.

Note: The reporter seems to be locked into the established idea of how children should learn and interact with others. He has a difficult time in understanding the future educational methods.



Justin Yu - A 7 year old amazing young Cellist! Chinese descendant.



6-Jaxon Coda - 11 years old, Mathematician. He was born with a partial hearing loss. In spite of that, he was accepted into Mensa at age 8.



Jacob Barnett - 12 year old Mathematician is interviewed with his parents by Glen Beck.



8-Jacob Barnett at age 12 giving a lecture about learning vs thinking (Forget what you know). Very profound talk!



Akiane Kramarik - Self taught Artist, Poet and Composer. Now 19 years old, she began having visions at age 4 and maintains that Heaven is real.

This video has Akiane being interviewed by various hosts when she was at different ages! - Remarkable!


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