Soulic Flight

As thine eyes gaze into the endless firmament,

Thy questing soul opens the vault of luminous planets’ thought!

Ye ride the meteor’s ephemeral vision

Ye follow the comet’s tail through Infinite space

And from the fiery firmament,

countless galaxies yield their myriad mysteries in light

Like crystal mist,

enlightened thoughts of love glide softly to earthen worlds

Ye journey amongst these spinning orbs –

Whirling in a mad dash about their celestial spheres

Thus, they encircle Thy life

Yet beyond all of this - an enchanted portal is revealed –

So blazoned within, the ineffable image of Infinities’ enshrining hue

Dost become the enduring beacon in the universal devotion to life itself

To this thy love, our journey embarks upon a glorious birth!

Of golden glow, and of immortalist song,

Wisdom now lives – Alive!

Life issues the sweetest of heavenly song - Like choirs of avian sound

A song sung by what’s revealed within enlightened dreams

The force of love is mirrored in crystal fountain’s watery light

And expands into worlds beyond illusions of shooting starlight

Thus the immortalist quest cast out blackness from night

And when all the dark shapes fade with Dawning's beam

The unity of love shall awaken from mid-summer night’s dream

And from all of this - the exalted spirit ascends!

Thus transcending the mortal coil’s call –

steeped in vane vanities!

And thus thy love,

Born of all of these things,

Adds unto future Infinities!

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