Are You an Ant or a Grasshopper?

Written By Ernest L Norman in the 1960s

Man has through the ages been duped by innumerable religious systems including Christianity which have all promised to those who believe, that some gods or master will someday pick them up in a basket, so to speak, and transport them to a land of plenty and eternal bliss. Such teachings and beliefs are not only fallacious but are also destructive.

Under the great universal principle of cosmic regeneration, all forms and substances must progressively evolve. From the inner plane the hydrogen atom evolves into the helium atom and finally into uranium; likewise in the same manner the human must progressively evolve. This is reincarnation. Unless this evolution is sustained progressively and constructively all past dispensations which are evil, selfish, malicious and negative (destructive), will remain as part of any human and in subsequent evolutions will snowball in effect to the point where the human becomes mentally and physically sick from any one or dozens of incurable conditions.

He is literally trapped in the miasma drifts of yesterday piled high by the howling winds of adversity and despair. He starts jumping to anything which seems to offer relief from his conditions. He will go from doctor to doctor, from practitioner to practitioner and from religion to religion, seeking an escape but finding none, nor will he ever find relief from his karmic past until he has sincerely dedicated himself to prepare for the future. Then, as he begins to acquire knowledge of the future, he will quite naturally acquire its usage. Gradually as knowledge and usage are so acquired, the past and all its sins, iniquities and attendant illnesses are discharged and this person is then so constructively regenerating himself into his new world. Unfortunately, as of today, no religion possesses or teaches true knowledge of the future. True religion is not a science. The Infinite Intelligence is the greatest scientist and in being the greatest Scientist also becomes the substance and form of His Creations. All religions, including Christianity are predicated upon the old escape mechanism — the so-called “divine intercession” and as long as any individual believes in them he is hopelessly lost.

Likewise, present-day science is purely materialistic or 3rd dimensional and deals only with certain reactionary principles or physical laws which have to some extent been sustained through repetitious experimentation. There is however at least one place in the world of today where all the necessary pertinent and vital life-giving knowledge of the future can be obtained. Not only is it so obtainable in a concise and easily understood way but to any person who is so sincerely dedicated to the future and begins to assimilate this knowledge, there will also come extra added benefits which manifest in his immediate future.

Through a great spiritual organization which has made this future knowledge so obtainable there are actually millions of advanced personalities working in their various and associated fields of endeavor. They will be attuned to this dedicatee and give to him added power and stimuli which always helps this person achieve a great life-transforming miracle in his life and in this respect there are many thousands of people who would so testify! In fact all people without exception who have in some way touched this Center of dispensation have been helped even though it may not be apparent to them in that particular way or perhaps the help occurred so naturally that they were not even conscious of its occurrence!

At this point you may be asking, “Where is this Center of dispensation; what is it called and how can I get in touch with it?” This Center is called Unarius and additional information contained elsewhere will give you all the necessary knowledge relative to its whereabouts and of its curriculum.

The_Ant_and_the_GrasshopperIt should be borne in mind however, that any and all who so contact this Center, while they invariably are helped, either if they pursue the curriculum to its fullest extent or whether they fall by the wayside, that any and all attendant help and advantages are only temporary and will not sustain any person unless this person is completely dedicated to the pursuance and usage of future knowledge which is contained in its curriculum. Neither should any person suppose that at any time in the future, near or distant he could abandon pursuance and return to his material life. He must always remember that he is sincerely dedicated to a progressive evolution, one into which he will evolve from the animal-like Earth life and unto a higher state of consciousness and its attendant new world.

“To Be or Not To Be” a Grasshopper

Part Two By Ernest L Norman (While still residing on Earth)

From time to time we here at the Center receive letters from students who say they haven't had time to study lately or Ant1 that seasonal activities have taken up all their time, or various other excuses have been used whereby they hope to pacify us and themselves for their lack of energetic study and application.

Almost needless to say such procrastination and lackadaisical efforts won't insure any tangible results. One of our biggest problems is in getting the student to realize the extreme importance to himself of his study and application; to realize it is an actual life and death situation. When we receive these excuses we are somehow reminded of the old classical fable The Grasshopper and the Ant — one which everyone knows; how the grasshopper played all summer while the ant stored food against the winter and when winter came the starved and frozen grasshopper unsuccessfully tried to beg from the ant. However, the Unariun student does not realize that his winter is already here; he is already starved and frozen and begging from the provident “ant”.

The Advancedstairf personalities and Beings from the higher planes of life have, in effect and intent, laid out a sumptuous banquet before him. Strange indeed then that he will use all forms and manners of excuses from approaching the table simply because he must begin to give up his old grasshopper Earth life and begin to live an entirely new and different kind of life. The excuses themselves are unimportant but what is important is this obvious fact: He has, in all effect laughed at these provident people who have laid up these treasures in Heaven and which they are trying to share with the improvident “grasshopper” in his time of stress.

Unarius is not a personal proposition where we are emotionally concerned with students on the basis that our beliefs or opinions must be vindicated. Unarius is an Interdimensional science made available to those who would cease their grasshopper life and start working for a constructive future. If you would like to live an immortal life in the future — a constructive happy life — then you must place this ambition as a “top priority” achievement. Your present earth life and whatever affiliations you may have with it must be of secondary importance, useful only that you are working out and freeing yourself from the past or as a place where you can most logically start your climb into a progressive Infinity.

Your Earth life then should hold for you a creative and recreative message; it should not hold you tightly bound in all its complex emotional vicissitudes. It is only the starting place; if you give it top priority over your preparation for the future then you will still be bound to it. The chains can be broken only by the power of knowledge and your ability to use this power — knowledge which is found nowhere else in this world except in Unarius.

Don't sell yourself short because if you do you are also selling the Infinite Creator short, as well as all of those who are universally affiliated in helping mankind in his quest for immortal life.

Ernest L Norman

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