The human aura, also known as the spiritual aura, is energy emanating from the spinal column. The energy comes from the combination of body, soul and mind working together in a person. Everything that you are, that you have done, and even that you could do is all beamed out in your spiritual force field...

What does the human aura look like?

Generally we don't see the aura. It doesn't exist on the physical plane of matter that we live in, but in the spiritual dimension often referred to as the etheric octave or the etheric realm. If we were blessed with such ability, we would not actually be 'seeing' the aura, but more like sensing internally the auric emanations of a person and interpreting them through our vision.

The seven colored rays of light are the 'pure' colors of the aura. Basically, if you are manifesting only the qualities of God in your thoughts, feelings and actions, the colors of your aura would be these seven (varying in proportion depending on your own strengths): blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple (mixed with gold), and violet.

These pure colors become muddied whenever there are negative thoughts and feelings mingling in with the good ones. For example, jealously and resentment appear as a chartreuse green in the aura; selfish intellectualism as a muddied yellow; anger as crimson red. View video below.

Dr. Norman's comments/response:

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Dr. Ernest Norman Founder of Unarius

We start first with what is called space, and as I have previously presented space, it is a false presumption. Space is actually infinitely filled at any given point with an infinite number of cyclic wave forms; that is, little or large circles of energy traveling around in a circle, each one relevant to itself to the degree that it impounds within its wave-form structures a certain quotient of intelligence or information and which can be harmonically, or by means of electromagnetic fields which regenerate these harmonics, transmitted to a degree to any and all other cycles of energy which exist in the infinite cosmos.

Now as a person progresses along his pathway of evolution, at any given moment he is directly in contact with any number of these infinite, regenerative cycles. Although he may not be conscious of this, yet this is true. Through the differences in harmonic structures, electromagnetic fields which regenerate and propagate these harmonics, this person is polarizing or implanting into the cyclic, fourth-dimensional wave forms, certain wave forms of his own. These wave forms are the actual information of the life experience which this person is undergoing at that particular moment.

Therefore, in the future, any person who has a mind which can tune into these fourth-dimensional wave forms, can attune himself through the frequency vibrations which are radiating in the aura of this person, into past lifetime incidents or happenings by merely contacting as a way of attunement, just as it is with the radio, the different little wave forms which were implanted by that person (unconsciously) at that particular moment.

Then in the manner in which I have described the functions of the psychic anatomy, the interplay of these wave forms recreating facsimiles in my own particular psychic anatomy which are again projected into the cortical layers of my brain is in effect, an energy structure which relates to me the exact picture of that happening in that past incident and it makes absolutely no difference if it was but a day or a thousand years.

Time is of no particular importance in this dimension and if a person had experienced a certain happening in a lifetime, at any given moment in the last several thousand years of his life (as he has incarnated any number of times upon the earth), then I could very accurately tune in to any of these past instances and relate them to him in a comprehensive fashion.

Almost equally as important is the fact that with certain mind projections of energy which I would accomplish by means of my psychic anatomy and other related factors of which I am cognizant and can work with, I can project this picture accurately into this person's mind, even though he does not consciously remember the incident.

He will then obtain a very strong rapport with the reproduction of this life incident, and as I have described it in the reverse-phase feedback principle, the difference in time frequency or the time consonant between this dimension at this time and that particular happening at that time, is a phase reversal and cancels out much of the pernicious effect of that life experience.

The same principles are quite true in predicting the future. Going back to our original consensus, all cycles in the infinite cosmogony are related to each other on the basis of harmonics; therefore, any past incidents which have happened to any person are harmonically oscillating in certain similarly attuned cycles in his future.

That is to say, that at any given moment in your life at this time, there can be a contact with certain cycles which are similar to those cycles which you will contact in your future, and in that relationship then, the harmonic content which has been radiated to them from your past will then be regenerating in your future.

You will therefore subconsciously try to reproduce these certain life incidents in your future life.

Tempus Interludium I, pages 205-207 (Copyright 1978 by Unarius Education Foundation)

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