Relative Motion and the Vortex

Reading the post ‘Cycle of the Recessional and the Apsidal Precession’ brought to mind the time when the Moderator, Ruth, another student and I were sitting around the pool of the Normans in Glendale, CA. - enjoying a glass of ice tea on a super summer day around 1962. Dr. Norman suddenly spoke and said: (And I paraphrase)

Here we are on the earth lounging around this pool, not realizing that our physical bodies are moving in at least 6 different directions and speeds - all simultaneously! And none of these motions are felt by us – because of the gravitational forces, we sense only a static or quiescent condition – until we get up and walk or run around which is even a greablue planetter set of different directions and speeds we are moving.

1. The earth is spinning on its axis at about 1000 miles an hour – with the axis tilted about 23 degrees.

2. The Earth is revolving around the Sun at about 64000 miles an hour

3. The sun is revolving about the center of the galaxy- at a speed which takes hundreds of millions of years to complete one revolution.Sun Radiance

4. The galaxy is revolving about a local group of other galaxies. It takes Hundreds of Millions of Years to complete one cycle.

5. The local group of galaxies are members of other galaxy groups following the curved space features of a master center of gravity. Billions of years to revolve one time for this group.

6. The master center, with its flock of literally millions of galaxies are revolving about the center of the so called universe. Each segment is revolving at relative speeds according to the relationship to each images61images17other.

This declaration and the post got me to thinking of the principles. The following are my thoughts as I presently understand them and should not be taken as some kind of teaching.

Given these 3rd dimensional unidirectional motions, we can theoretically envision all of these energy bodies intersecting the great universal electromagnetic lines of force and generating an infinite set of harmonics that influence each other. Assuming the complicated interactions involved, our vision can encompass a universe of infinite expressions that show themselves as the spectrum we witness making up our third dimensional habitat and the countless forms that they take in our lives. At this point Einstein’s theory, which postulates the relative aspects of motion, somewhat describes this condition – The curvature of space and time etc.

File:EM spectrum.svg

The spectrum, as we know it, is basically a very narrow band of frequencies (the low radio waves through the visible light frequencies to the higher gamma ray energies) and is detected by our limited five senses in a great many ways which we are reacting to, and in most cases we sense as our daily reality. With this understanding, we can realize the immensity of the forces that we are not directly aware – even though they have a definite influence on us. The Lemuria scientists had a complete understanding of these cosmic interactions and is the foundation of the now distorted view in astrology.  For instance the cyclic interactions within the motions of energy expressing in the universe – such as the Cycle of the Recessional and the Apsidal Precession – wherein the varied harmonics are exerting their force and influence and are supported by the Higher Dimensional aspects of the Vortex. All of the harmonics are the offspring of what is transpiring further up (in frequency) in the Vortex. This is very meaningful.


The entire vortex is expressing both the positive and negative values of the original information generated by the creative forces which impinged the forms and ideas within it to begin with. As the Infinite expression demodulates into the third dimension, it forms (within the harmonics) a complicated set of energies which we can call plasma. This plasma generates other harmonics which is expressed as space. Now we become concerned with speed and distance (more suitable to Newtonian Physics) which expresses in frequency relationships compatible with this dimension and which we are more familiar. The scientist now calls this plasma Dark Energy or Dark Matter – even though they denied the idea of plasma until recently.

Considering File:Drum vibration mode23.gifthe above concepts, we can begin to envision the workings of the Vortex itself! If we are experiencing the simultaneous multiple motions in the third dimension, which we can somewhat calculate, then think of the Infinite dimensions relating in infinite interactions of the total Vortex interacting in countless directions simultaneously!! Furthermore, we now envision the appearance and reappearance of energy packets called atoms compounded in their multiple forms throughout this vast plasma – such as galaxies, suns, planets, and cosmic rays. The scientist does not know where these high energy cosmic rays originate, as they detect them all through the cosmos and in any direction they look. These are the harmonics generated throughout the complex cyclic interactions at point of energy transference from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension where time is expressed in a linear form. This is when they just seem to appear and immediately traversing space at the speed of light. One popular concept in scientific circles is called entropy – the universe moving from organized or defined shapes to disorganized and define less blobs with the energy totally dissipated and formless. It is obvious that these people have no inkling of the ever creative forces sustaining the information in the 3rd dimension. The infinite Vortex is the Force behind the force and keeps this dimension intact and expanding.

At this point, we become physically reactive to the Vortex and its information. As was stated before, it is conveying and expressing by way of the Magnetic lines of force both positive and negative energies within its construct. So, as these great patterns are crossed and beat or oscillate together, the content is either biased positively or negatively within the matrix that it is in contact. This explains the rise and fall of earth civilizations that we have witnessed. And also why it is a certainty that the more positive stage of the harmonic matrix will manifest as the so called new age – a cycle just begun! It is also part of the movement called the Cycle of the Recessional.

File:Irrotational vortex.gifFile:Uncertainty principle.gif

One more thought – Interpreting the energy principles leads us to the fact that motion in itself is an illusion. The act of oscillation of any configuration of energy is resolved into waveforms that display as positive to negative pulses or poles. Instead of moving smoothly between two points, the energy blinks on (or is reactive to us) displaying the negative side of the pulse at one point of space and then blinks off as it oscillates to the positive or 4th dimensional side of the wave. As this configuration continues to blink on and off it appears to move through space – however, it only appears and disappears through its entire cycle at such a rapid pace or frequency that the illusion of movement is assumed. So, we really have a vast universe that is blinking on and off – not moving with a velocity at all. The reason we interpret space and movement becomes a relative question of consciousness or how our mental reactions are contacting the Infinite at the point of the wave that we are attuned to. This principle holds true whatever frequency in the Vortex that we connect or oscillate with. The propagation of any set of waveforms within the Vortex inflects a harmonic structure that is cyclic and contains the sum and total information that the entire Vortex is expressing – with time an integrated feature within the expression. The ramification here means that we witness each atomic element – such as an atom – in instant communication with the entirFile:QuantumHarmonicOscillatorAnimation.gife Infinite makeup of the Universal and Interdimensional Vortex!

The concept of quantum mechanics – otherwise known as the Schrodinger Uncertainty Principle Equations can be understood – where we can never exactly know where an electron ‘particle’ is located in its so called orbit about the nucleus because it is dissipated or dispersed to another orbital location by the act of looking at it. So, we can never pin it down so to speak. Here is where we can employ the blinking concept of the energy. It is because the electron mass is not a particle at all, but a complex set of harmonics pulsing intermittently into this dimension and the pulses, as harmonics, are either added to or cancelled out by the sustained communication of varied attunements within the higher reaches of the Vortex. – But the frequency is so rapid that we think it is moving uniformly and acting like a particle.

Legend: A harmonic oscillator in classical mechanics (A-B) and quantum mechanics (C-H). In (A-B), a ball, attached to a spring (gray line), oscillates back and forth. In (C-H), wavefunction solutions to the Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation are shown for the same potential. The horizontal axis is position, the vertical axis is the real part (blue) or imaginary part (red) of the wavefunction. (C,D,E,F) are stationary states (energy eigenstates), which come from solutions to the Time-Independent Schrodinger Equation. (G-H) are non-stationary states, solutions to the Time-Dependent but not Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation. (G) is a randomly-generated superposition of the four states (C-F). H is a "coherent state" ("Glauber state") which somewhat resembles the classical state B.

File:Hydrogen Density Plots.png

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