Lesson 5  Energy: The Great Infinite Source

Greetings from Unarius.

Taking up our lesson along the pathway toward Truth, we will be assisted tonight by Dr. Charles Pierce and Mme. Blavatsky. Several other wonderful and great minds are here and will be interjecting their mind forces and their intelligences along with the others. Tonight's lesson deals with reincarnation and with frequency relationship. We have before us here, as you see, some scientific instrumentation with which we are going to explore and we shall thus see before our eyes how energy moves. However, before we do so, we shall establish some sort of continuity between this lesson and the last one.

It is to be assumed by now that we have all begun to form some sort of a definite relationship to the great world of Universal energy. It is hoped too, that all of you have established within your minds something of this great Universal God-force which we call energy, in whatever dimension or in whatever form this energy appears, whether it is pure energy which lights and heats our homes or whether it is the energy we see in the (so-called) solid atomic structures, it stems from the one great Infinite Source. WE can also say that by now man himself becomes nothing more or less than a conglomerate mass of this energy, whether it is in the physical form of atomic structures or whether it resides in the realm of the psychic self and in the 4th dimension.

In order that you may better understand the transition of energy in the linkage of the Great Universal Infinite Mind in these numerous dimensions, it is necessary that you completely understand frequency relationship or harmonic structures. This understanding will also open up to you new horizons, new worlds in which you may better understand evolution of not only yourself but also that of your fellow man. The concept of the true reincarnation will open up to the scientist, the doctor, the psychiatrist in the world of today and tomorrow, new horizons whereby they will begin to understand the basic and factual causes of all of man's diseases--diseases which have been, heretofore, classed as incurable. These diseases in themselves, as they reside in dimensions which are unknown to the savants of this time, will remain incurable until the learned men of tomorrow learn to bridge the gap into the realm of clairvoyance or into the spiritual dimensions.

We cannot assume or tolerate for one moment such a concept as would say merely that energy stemmed out from somewhere, from some huge hole, and precipitated itself downward like a shower of rain, or that it just happened to appear or to disappear. We must know and understand factually that these things relate themselves according to certain dimensions, spectrums within dimensions in everything, whether they are atomic substances or pure energy. They are as wave form structures, they possess a particular intelligence. I know that I have mentioned this fact several times previously, but it is of the utmost importance for the students to understand these concepts. We have rather loosely touched upon the fact that energy and its manifestation of wave forms or energy impulses, in whatever strata or structure or plateau in which they exist, assume a certain I.Q. or intelligence quotient, according to certain malformations of the basic sine wave frequency or the wave forms which were discussed in the last lesson.

In order to progress further in our hypothesis, we will begin to see now that the Universe and all the structures and surrounding things of which the Universe is composed, are the basic elements which are going through certain frequency transitions. This point was explained as we sketched for you previously the great vortexes of energy which we called the Universe, the cosmic or the Celestial Universes, and how they resolve themselves into such minute particles as atomic structures.

We can begin to say, first, that these principles are somewhat similar to the eighty-eight notes on the piano keyboard. Even though we are not musicians and cannot play the piano, we know that there are a definite number of octaves on the piano. There are a certain number of harmonic chord structures. All in all, the various total combinations which could be extracted from the piano keyboard would number many thousands.

To give you an idea of the infinite number of combinations which can be achieved from even a pack of playing cards, it is known that there are over 3½ million different combinations and suits in a deck of 52 cards. If any one of you were to sit down and try to count to a million, although you spent eight or ten hours a day at it, it would take you several months. A million is a very large sum, and yet tonight we are going to explain frequency and energy to you in cycles or vibrations of literally hundreds of millions of times per second. These things are beyond the realm and the concept of any mortal mind. They must just be accepted verbatim on the basis of which we know them to exist.

We can begin by saying for instance, that in the television set we have the channels which are numbered from 1 to 13. We have about 6 or 7 active channels in this area. They begin with 88 megacycles and extend to about 108 megacycles. A megacycle is one million cycles. Therefore, even the lowest, the #2 channel, vibrates something like 88 million times per second to the 108 million times per second on its basic sine wave frequency as it is energized from the transmitter. Is this correct Mr. Hayes? "Yes, that is true."

**The present existing high frequency channels, 28 to 83, oscillate in a band of frequencies 200 to 400 million times per second. The Laser beam oscillates at frequencies of 750 million, million cycles per second.

We have with us another electronic technician who is going to assist with the oscilloscope and the television apparatus, giving you visual demonstrations of how energy (the picture) must first exist as an energy wave form. The pulsations or vibrations, as they vibrate into the room, are picked up by the two rods and are brought to the front end of the television set. There they are tuned to their basic fundamental frequency and separated from other wave form structures. They are further amplified by a cascade amplification system of tuned coils, capacity and tube elements. These things all resonate themselves according to the fundamental laws of frequency relationship.

This principle is exactly the same as the one by which each of us lives from day to day. Each act of consequence, whether we know it or not, actually links and relinks us to certain basic chord structures in our psychic self and in our superconscious cycle of life. We may say in a psychiatric sense that the linkage of the subconscious by extractions in the psychosomatic principles of life as they are expounded by the modern psychiatrist in a neurosis or to some unsolved riddle in infancy, has incurred that neurosis. Just how, then, do these things exist in the subconscious and what is the subconscious?

We pointed out in the last lesson that although we have the physical body and physical man, yet this physical body and physical man must be supported from the psychic man and psychic body. The physical self is merely a by-product. It is a relationship and is a creation of the psychic self because in the psychic self are contained all of the elements of individuality. These individual elements of personality are combined as wave forms and whether we find them in one shape or whether we find them in another makes little difference. These things reside as tiny vortexes iccc image pg132of energy, just as the energies within the atom reside in the terrestrial dimensions as tiny gyrations or convolutions of energy; likewise in the same manner these same intelligences stem from the psychic body. As far as the subject of reincarnation itself is concerned, it is one which is subject to a wide variance and to a large degree some fallacy, as many conceive it.

In the Orient, particularly in India, we find stemming out of these countries a rather peculiar idea of reincarnation, or the life cycle of man. It is the ambition among some of the adherents of Jainism, one of the Hindu philosophies, to become a "sacred cow". In the cities of India we see many of these sacred cows wandering about the streets eating vegetables and fruits in the marketplaces, freely and uninhibited. It is quite natural that one looking upon the way of life of the holy cow of India might like to assume such a life, as it appears to be one which is casual and free. It does not have the burden of man in his carnal self. However such states of consciousness are unrealistic and not factual. It is entirely within the bounds of reason and logic to assume, with what we know of the creation of vortexes or mind forces within the psychic self, that such an individual could create form himself a thought-form body of such obsessive qualities that when he found himself shed of the mortal coil of flesh, he would wish with the intensities of mind energies of the psychic self, to over-shadow or to inhabit a sacred cow, that he could do so.

Likewise, many people inhabit the terrestrial dimensions of consciousness long after they have passed from the flesh. They are what is termed earthbound simply because they have created these strong psychic or thought form bodies within the dimension of the psychic self.

The cycle itself as we postulated this concept to you in the last lesson is the life cycle. In the life cycle resides the iccc image pg133aperfect concept which contains all of the elements of the Infinite. The Infinite is Infinite simply because It become finite in all things and in all expressions and in all dimensions. The Infinite is the ultimate, the perfect attainment, the realization, the perfection of all things. Within this life cycle are contained all these elements. In it are innumerable wave forms, gyrations, pulsations, and creations of the Infinite Self as it conceived these things in Its Own Infinite Mind.

It is the purpose of man in his evolution as a reincarnated being to come down through the terrestrial dimensions and through the astral worlds to gain for himself the individuality of the constructive experience. In reincarnation is found the exchange of polarities--God and man. As we would see in magnetic structures, they would stem out as vortexes around these various polarities and there would be an interchange of energy between these poles. So thus it is that man reincarnates; he comes into these lower terrestrial dimensions as a physical being and is supporting himself from the spiritual side of life through the psychic body. Here again is the basic sine wave principle of life, the spiritual and the material. He is born into the world and he dies. He rises into the Spiritual dimensions of such astral worlds as are compatible to his understanding and to his ability to realize iccc image pg133band conceive these things about him. In such dimensions he takes on a new personality, a new intelligent quotient and solves some of the unsolved riddles which he himself was unable to do in the terrestrial dimensions. Then when he has gained or acquired this useful knowledge, he wishes to put it to test, so he reincarnates into a terrestrial dimension. And so the progress of life continues as he relates himself time and time again to the experience of life into the accumulation of the value of these various experiences as a human being. Thus in the ultimate achievement from his beginning through the revolution of his complete cycles, he attains the infinite purpose and the ultimate concept of the Infinite. He becomes an individual god. He may even ultimately express in an individual way a personification of the Infinite God.

It was pointed out previously that when we assume the concept of the experiences, they are formed in the vortex fashion of the little pinwheel vortexes within psychic self. Keep in mind that man is a creatures of pure energy; energy which is gyrating, revolving around in dimensions within the psychic self. Each one as it exists in its various iccc image pg134multiplicities of wave forms denotes its own particular experience its own psychic shock, its own relative place of consequence.

Time means nothing, according to our Gregorian calendar. Time, according to that calender system, is merely the passing of the event, the hours of the day. In our relationship to cyclic patterns, we come upon certain structures which are known as harmonic or chord structures. There is nothing in the Universe, either celestial, causal or terrestrial, which is not linked to itself through a series of cycles, a vast number of series of cycles, large ones, small ones, medium sizes and innumerable sizes like the wheels of a watch. They are all functioning according to a certain definite mathematical formula. We say that electricity which lights our homes vibrates at 60 cycles per second. It has subharmonics 30 -- 15 -- 7 ½ -- and so on down; above this are over-harmonics of 120 -- 240 -- and so on. The re-generation of those cycles is the pulsation of electricity flowing through that wire which we see stemming out from this wire as certain lines of force called magnetic structures. These in turn regenerate themselvesiccc image pg135a

according to these mathematical formulas. Our lives are just exactly this same way; there is no difference except that we are confining this dimensional frequency relationship within the realm of our own personal experience. Every thought that we think is a generic wave form; it is an energy.

It has been proved by the electroencephalograph that the mind functions on a certain level and frequency of energy. It is proven by various other scientific instruments in the world of science today. If it were not so, we would not be here; that is the proof and the truth. So basically as human beings, somewhere within this pattern of evolution as we proceed around the cycle of life, we are going to reincarnate according to basic fundamental cycles or basic harmonics. The basic fundamental frequency in the electric light is 60 cycles. Each of us has a basic fundamental frequency. We function from a certain spiritual plane. Although we may change from time to time, the changes which take place usually occur in the spiritual dimension; but at any particular given moment, any humaniccc image pg135b being can be said to be functioning from a certain spiritual level, a certain spiritual plane. This level is determined according to how he functions and how he progresses along his cycle of life according to this formula.

Roughly speaking, in reincarnating we would say that these cycles exist within the cycles and the fluctuations of frequency within the cycles. We may take fifty years as a short period or one hundred and fifty years as a longer period of a more fundamental frequency. Three hundred is still the closest approach to the life wave frequency in which most human beings establish their relationship and is erroneously called reincarnation, transmigration, metempsychosis, or other names. We call it regeneration; it is a truer word.

These cycles can, of course, extend outward to 450 or 600 years depending upon the laxity, but primarily upon the psychic shocks which occurred in the psychic centers. Those who commit suicide may not return to this "veil of tears" for perhaps two thousand years simply because certain psychic structures within the psychic body have been destroyed. The supporting elements of that person's entire being and his individuality were destroyed by the act against himself. When they do come back into the earth plane, because they do not have these structures they find themselves disoriented. They wander; they are people who have no objectivism, libido or the drive. It takes them two or three more of these cycles (lives) before they catch up, to reconstruct their psychic selves so that it inflects and impinges into their consciousness and gives them a directive, dynamic force which is so necessary for everyday life.