A - Yes, that is true and a good point because we should get a relationship not only of the five senses, because they are only a product of our reactionary nature. The amount of intelligence which comes to us, comes from other forces and other dimensions and other realms. It enters through the hypothalamus or the pituitary glands at the base of the brain and through the solar plexus. These higher energies come also through what we call the intuitive processes of life. We have two intuitive centers.

This sync pulse on the television is the fastest used, or 15,750 cycles per second, and yet it is extremely slow as compared to the energies and wave forms which are used and come to us from the higher dimensions. These television waves are as a chunk of iron in comparison to our psychic self.

Nicola Tesla, around the turn of the 1900's, very often used frequencies of hundreds of thousands, or millions of times per second. An ordinary television set, a station such as Channel 2, vibrates at 88 million times per second and this is slow motion in comparison to some of the supersonic frequencies which reside in the spiritual or psychic dimensions. In the set are certain coils which are integrated with capacity and work through the tubes. This point is important here because if those coils are functioning in a broad band, you get a good clear picture and very fine definition. People are the very same way. If we, in going about, are functioning from a very high and broad spiritual band of frequencies we get a good picture of life; but on the other hand, if we say this is so and this can't be so, etc., we are using a narrow way of thinking by putting our stamp of approval of the Infinite on everything we do, then we get way down here to one or two megacycles and the result is a bad picture and there are plenty of people who do just that. They exist only on the reactionary impingements from the structures of their own subconscious mind which in most cases, are very low frequency wave forms. People who do not have much in their psychic body are not going to get much out of it.

Now I am sure that every one of us here has gained a better concept of the Infinite after having seen this demonstration of the oscilloscope relating how energy comes into the television and forms the pictures, which is exactly as is done in our own bodies; we all see Infinity as energy moving about us constantly.

In the future days in going about, we will conceive our bodies as being millions and millions of tiny little planetary systems of pure energy, revolving and counter-revolving, expressing itself infinitely, beautifully and perfect in its continuity. We will begin to achieve that continuity in our own lives; we will surmount all of those imperfections and all the negations that come to us. Those things will cease to exist because now we have a place to put them; we can learn how to rise above them. We can circumvent them and turn them aside. Not only that, but we can learn to project understanding to others because it means life them too; it is an infusion of the life principles into their concept of life. We have the power to project these things when we understand them properly. Just as when anyone thinks evilly of us, we can tune into that whether or not we are conscious of it. That does induce a definite effect into our bodies if the relationship is maintained and established. And so in the same process, a person can learn to heal and help another person, not through sympathy but through love and understanding and by projecting your own spiritual energy to that person from the Higher Self. It becomes a natural vital integrated principle from which all of you will function; you will relate yourself to it; you will use it every day of your life.

Q - Do you mean that someone can project evil to you?

A - Indeed!

Q - But if you do not accept it? If your mind is above that, does it not ward it off?