Q - You mentioned that when a person commits suicide he partly destroys the psychic body. If a person is killed by another, would this not also tend to have the same effect?

A - Yes, to some extent or degree; it not only seriously damages the psychic self but will disarrange the continuity of the entire psychic structures. For instance, if you hit a bell too loudly, as in the case of the Liberty Bell, it will crack because of the vibrating frequencies. Caruso used to tap a glass to find its tone, then he would sing this note loudly enough to cause the glass to fly into a thousand pieces. The same principle is involved when people incur these severe psychic shocks.

Q - What would be the effect where one has great emotional disturbances with the families?

A - This is what we are getting into in this problem of psychosomatics as the psychiatrist calls it. As we portrayed energy to you, these experiences are reflecting backward, a reverse process. As in the process of the television screen, the emotional disturbances reflect back into the psychic self. These vortexes of energy are of a very negative nature. These energies contain the intelligences of that experience. If it is negative, it reflects itself back to you. Everything actually resolves itself down into energy anyway, whether it is concept within your mind--that means convolutions or sine wave frequencies which exist from the generic process of thinking or in the evolution of life. Even the metabolism of the body is supported from the psychic body. After the energy has occurred in your psychic body, then all through your lives to follow, until it is cancelled out, it continues to reflect back this negative quality. It blurs your picture of life for you so that you are not able to discriminate; you are not able to determine your true value of your relationship. You always have that little thing hanging around your neck like a millstone.

Q - How would one get rid of it?

A - Referring back to the life cycle--you have all of the things you need to know within the higher superconscious self. Not only that, but higher intelligences work with you from the higher spiritual planes. You can take this teaching into your everyday life and use it in everything about you. As we say, these are high spiritual forces, such as are coming to us from Unarius; such men as Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Plato and many other of these learned savants of the past.

Now if they could reflect this intelligence into your consciousness, you would be very glad, wouldn't you?

Student: Indeed.

Teacher: If you could go to Plato's academy tomorrow, you would go there, wouldn't you? You are attending Plato's Academy tonight.

Student: Yes, I have wondered about that; I thought I sensed such.

Teacher: Plato is one of the many working through this channel from Unarius.

Q - Then the best way would be to call for help and meditate upon this teaching?

A - You do not necessarily need to call for help, but visualize and recognize yourself as a participating ingredient. In other words, you tune yourself in, in the same manner as you'd switch the television set from one station to another. You tune in, say channel 13, which has the highest vibrating frequency, which would be upstairs; or you can tune into channel 2 which is the lowest, or in the level of earthly experiences. We do not call for help in this way; we do not approach these