This energy, this wisdom, extends down to us from innumerable expanding and contracting energy vortexes. So we are in ourselves, more or less related to all these dimensions; however, how much of the assimilation or the "taking in" of this Infinite wisdom and this energy which stems from the Infinite, depends on each of us. In the television we must have synchronization and amplification. We can see on the oscilloscope the sync pulses which are the impulses which are broadcast from the transmitter that locks the picture in, across the screen. The picture itself consists of the little lines which are quite visible as they write back and forth. There are 500 little lines from top to bottom on the screen and there is a post of light which "writes" about 16,000 little spots per second. The screen itself has a coating of pure phosphorus. It has a certain persistence characteristic that retains the light impressions for a split second. The overall result creates something of an optical illusion.

These little lines as they write across must have the sync pulses. That is the integration point with the transmitter. One pulse is horizontal and one pulse is vertical. There must be these sync pulses in order to lock the picture from the transmitter which is broadcast at the frequency rate of 50 cycles per second and 15,000 frequencies per second. Then there are what we call retrace lines. This means that the little spot has gone across the screen and come back again, as it writes like a pencil across the screen. Now these activations are very similar to the life processes of frequency vibration which multiply themselves and radiate back into our consciousness, into our physical bodies and into everything that we do because the Infinite is the central transmitter stemming on down through innumerable dimension. (illus. Page 6)

If we turn a switch, we can see the convolutions of energy moving across. Just as we see the television picture moving on the screen, we see on the oscilloscope beside it the little sync pulses continually moving across. This is pure energy coming in, in a wave form before it is translated on the screen to appear as a picture. We are doing the same thing in our psychic bodies, in our mind, and in our physical bodies. These sine waves or sync pulses are the step-down points in our psychic self. The transmitter is the other dimension or the Infinite. Contained in our psychic self is the sync pulse which links us to our past lives and to the Infinite. Mr. Hayes, do you care to add a word?

Mr. Hayes speaking: "I can perhaps put it in a little different wording. What we see on this (or any other) oscilloscope is a voltage pulse. It is being impressed on a tube which changes it into light. In other words, the electrical pulse is being changed into light whereas the sound--for the voice--pulse changes the electrical pulse into sound. The speaker gives the sound; still it comes from electrical pulses. We can see the sound here. The speaker is merely a vibrating diaphragm of a paper substance with an electromagnet. That merely takes the electric impulses, and by changing the magnetic fluxes or densities (there is a little coil of wire on the end of that paper cone inside), the wire creates a vibration on the diaphragm."

The energy pulses are modulated or the sync pulses are carried into them. We can regulate these adjustments to slow these sine waves down slower and even to stop them, so that they may be observed. One frame is one thirtieth; it is traveling across at the rate of 15,750 cycles per second. It is more or less the same as in the movies. It is partially an optical illusion. We are merely supporting this principle because we have light degenerators from the rods and cones of the retina of the eye. There are 30 frames per second; the eye can only discern 20, so you do not see the gap in between. The point we are trying to make here is to show you something of the world of frequency and harmonic relationship. Each one of us is linked up in this same manner as this television set to the sending station. There is no difference except on the levels and way in which we function. The same laws are applied. This fact can be proven any way you wish. Any kind of type of wave forms can be obtained from this scope. Energy must and does assume a different form and a different relationship wherever it manifests. Those impulses passing through the oscilloscope now are the very same type as those which composed your psychic self and are projecting outwardly into your life.