A - That is exactly what Jesus meant when he said, "Turn the other cheek." In other words, he did not mean that if someone came up and whacked you on the head that you must say, "here, now, hit here too." What he meant was that you should live on a higher level of integration with your life forces, a spiritual level. Then if anyone did hit you, you could turn around and take that negative force that caused that person to strike you and turn that completely around, change it and instead of it then being a negative sequence you could create a positive from it; by projecting a force to him founded and bounded by love and understanding, you were then above that negative thought and deed. That is turning the other cheek.

Q - Then it will bounce back and hit him?

A - We would never wish to become vindictive in these things because that is putting ourselves down to his level; instead--we will put it this way--suppose someone gave me a rubber check and it bounced, I would mark that check paid and mail it back to him.

Q - I meant if you did not know anything about it and someone was sending negative thoughts and we maintained a higher consciousness, then it would return to him, would it not?

A - It might revert in this sense because here is the way that man was doing by creating those negative energies toward you; he is creating those negative forces within his own psychic body! That is his karma; he is going to have to work that out later on because he cannot get anywhere upstairs until he takes all those nasty black things from out his psychic self for they cannot live up there. These negative wave forms will hold him down here until he reconstructs his psychic body so he can get upstairs. You can call it reciprocation if you like or ricocheting or compensation, but whatever we do is impinged within our own psychic self. It is our own basis or level of integration or equilibrium.

Student: I like to think of it as a boomerang and what I send to others, if not good, boomerangs back to me.

Teacher: Yes, you can think of it that way if you wish. It is another case of the four blind men all seeing or feeling the different parts of the elephant all differently and when we get to the point where we walk all around the elephant and see it in its entirety, then we begin to know what truth is. Whatever way we have of visualizing Truth in any of our expressions at the present moment is all very wonderful because it is all part of you and is the basis in which you can understand the little wave forms that come to you as experience.

These discussions are all very wonderful; I appreciate every one of them because it not only gives you a chance to find out some things but it also gives me an opportunity to learn a few more things too, for we never give but what we do not receive. When we give, we make room to receive. We should remember that, for it is very basic in the fundamental concept.

Student: I think these sessions are very cherished occasions.

Teacher: Indeed, they are very cherished. I believe it is the second epistle of James under Acts that says, or where he points out to us that it is very godlike for man to gather together in groups and discuss his personal problems and share in the experiences of life. In functioning from various levels of intelligence, you create the necessary forces for personal spiritual levitation. It is not in exactly those words but that is the meaning. It is very godlike to share with each other because then we are becoming active participants of that Infinite, Creative God-Force; we are giving and receiving.