To the materialist who runs around all day and is concerned with nothing but sex, cigarettes and various other things of the material world, that is all his psychic body is made up from--those negative experiences, the forms of transposition. But when he shakes the mortal coil of flesh and goes over into the astral, what does he have to go on? Absolutely nothing because those vibrations do not function well in this astral world; he finds himself in what the Catholic calls purgatory. Actually, there isn't such a thing; it is only his concept because now he is completely out of his vibration, attunement and harmony with the astral worlds in which he finds himself. He is a fish out of water--a man dropped in the middle of a jungle out of a parachute, without any equipment, in the dead of the night, with the lions running around him.

Q - In reading past lives as you do it, we understand it is simple for you, but how does one go about the back-tracking and find proper frequencies, etc.?

A - If you realize this, and it could be of help to many of you here, because I know there are many good mentalities in the class and I am very grateful to be in association with them for they are mentalities that could, in time, be doing some of these greater miracles, just as Jesus said when they become conscious of what and who they are. No, these abilities are not acquired overnight--there must be an integration. And many times you have many pictures in your mind which you think is imagination. Strictly from the material plane, there is no such thing as an imagination because imagination is only the sum and total of a collective group of experiences to which you are relating yourself and you are trying to integrate a formula of some basic concept. Now you have the other kind of pictures come into your mind which come from the psychic self or which may link you up to the psychic centers of radiation or taking in, as we say. We have a little television set in our heads and we also have a little transmitter; we begin taking in these pictures inwardly and if we see them as reality and express them as they come to us, we will often find out they are true. That's the beginning. Later on you arrive at different factors and states of integration as we call it (the sync pulses as they existed in that television screen) and you can sit down and consciously do that. Or you can do it while riding down the street on a bus or even in the bathtub or where you so desire, it just comes naturally and from then on you do not live in this world anymore--you are in it but not of this world.

You will find too that your life will change in many ways. I have experienced these things and know whereof I speak. You even lose your friends. You may even lose your husband or wife; these things move so swiftly around and within you that you are sometimes swept off your feet with the projectory of spiritual progression that you have no idea of the vast change. In the course of a few months time you find yourself advanced thousands of years because we have linked up certain cycles in our little watch of universal concept. We have made integration of the cycular patterns as they exist. It is very basic and fundamental, isn't it? It is the answer to all questions. We have been trying to get these things to the scientists for years. I have had them tell me, "Well, I do not know what it is; I do not understand it now, but maybe in 50 or 100 years from now science will understand these principles." They are beginning to and they shall. I have all the time in the world. It makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Q - In one of the scientific magazines lately, I read that "God will be proved in the laboratories." This is it, isn't it?

A - That is correct; this Is It; this Is it! Because when we start linking ourselves up then, as Kung Fu said, "It is a matter of whether the tail is wagging the dog or the dog is wagging the tail." Science up until now, has been the tail trying to wag the dog because it has been figuring things from the material dimension instead of starting from the higher dimensions from where they should be figured; seeing this is only the end result--the material dimensions are always the lowest form. From here we go into sub infinity.

Q - Then the scientists have been treating the effects rather than the cause?

A - That is exactly right. They are searching in the human body for causes of the incurable ills. Cerebral palsy, cancer, diabetes, arthritis--anything you can name that the scientist or the doctor cannot cure--and they shake their heads and say they do not know what causes that--why a child is born with, or but a few months old should have diabetes is beyond their concept; but it means that the child had diabetes in a previous lifetime and he is only trying to work it out, and he needs a little help and understanding. He does not need a lot of poking and prodding or to be taken some place and half-starved and shocked into something terrible.

Q - Along another line of thought is not fear and insecurity a general contributor to man's ills?

A - We incurred our first big sense of insecurity when we were first weaned as far as this lifetime is concerned. We came into the world and we were hungry; that was our first fear, so they shoved the nipple in our mouth and the fear left, so the next few months we build our whole world around the nipple and the mother's breast is the sense of security--the mother's love. And then just about the time things were settling down and going good, they took it away from us; so what did we have--we had a great big sense of insecurity--our first neurosis. That's why little boys and girls go out and eat dirt and chew their wax crayons when they go to school and when they grow up they have to put cigarettes in their mouths and smoke. Cigarette-smoking is grown-up thumb-sucking or nipple-nursing. That is all; it is simply from weaning a person. And so far as putting such things as needles, etc., into our system--as someone brought up one day--it is very wrong indeed, but it is just as wrong to take these poisons into our mouths and lungs as it is any other way.

There are 32 different poisons in every cigarette, including furfural, which is the most deadly poison known to the medical pharmacopeia. There is also enough nicotine in one cigarette to poison a good-sized dog. Nicotine is an alkaloid; in the process of combustion that takes place in the burning of a cigarette, one can develop what is known as coal tar processes and any chemist can verify this--that they have extracted something like 500,000 different kinds of chemical elements from coal tar which are products of this combustion that takes place in the smoking of a cigarette. Same thing with acetenella, assesaphedine and all your codeines; every one of your synthetic drugs that a doctor will give for alleviating pain are contained in the cigarette in one form or another or they are by-products from it by rearranging the molecular structures of the coal tar substance. Not only that, but one of the greatest dangers in smoking is what is called carbon monoxide precipitation. In the normal processes of living, the person who does not smoke and lives out in the country would have anywhere from one and a half to two percent carbon monoxide precipitation in the blood stream; that is a product of metabolism.

When you get into the city and begin inhaling automobile fumes, smoke from incinerators and cigarettes, your carbon monoxide runs up to six and seven percent. These were tests made here in Los Angeles just about a year ago. If the individual smokes, he increases that carbon monoxide precipitation up to twelve or thirteen percent and fourteen percent is considered fatal. Many people who are running around the streets today--and they are not running, they are dragging--are in and out of the hospitals and clinics with nothing wrong with them physically but they just smoke. There are hundreds of thousands of them and any doctor can tell you that this is true.

Q - Chemical poisons are in many things that we eat like the famous soft drink, etc., are they not?

A - Yes, it once was a fact that there used to be twelve grains of caffeine in every bottle of Coca Cola (I do not know whether or not this is true today) and the food and drug businesses raised such a furor they had to stop it. That is just one small item.

An M.D. on the Los Angeles Health Board made this statement in the clamor about smog. He said you can take one drag from a cigarette and you get more smog in your lungs than you would inhaling the worst smog in 24 hours!

Q - As I understand it with these cravings, tec., when people pass over into the astral they do not lose these cravings but they still y earn for these things, such as cigarettes and they have no instrument with which to satisfy them; then would not this be purgatory for them?

A - That's quite true because you see you are arriving at this point that all experience resolves itself into wave forms and has gone into making the psychic body. The psychic body is the pure by-product of everything that we are and reflects outwardly in everything that we do. It is much bigger than the subconscious. The subconscious is but a part of it that functions in the low orders of the lower dimensions of relationship. The reason we do not get rid of these habits when they are incurred that way is simply because we are looking for them in the wrong place--in the human body where they do not originate but are reflecting outwardly into the physical, just as we explained about the television screen. We must look back where they really are in the spiritual self, the psychic body, before we find them.

Q - Then how does a person over there on the spiritual planes overcome those things?

A - In the first place, several big things happen to you. Many people go over into the spiritual dimensions and have these thought forms so firmly imbedded in their psychic consciousness that they function along that line for a number of years until they finally wake up and realize that it is wrong, i.e., smoking, alcoholism and other perverted habits. We can say that a person goes over into spirit who has smoked very heavily here; he smokes there for a while until he gains his equilibrium and realizes how unnecessary it is; then he quits.

Q - How does he smoke there?

A - Do you know over there that these spiritual elements which you have in your mind and your psychic self are just as tangible over there as things you have in your hands here today in this dimension. It is no different. It is in the threshold of conception. You will live exactly in the same world that you believe in.

Q - You mean that the person would actually create them?

A - Well, you must bear this in mind too--that your relationships all around you are different and that your time or arrival where you get your equilibrium or when you 'wake up' will arrive much more quickly than it does in the terrestrial dimension because previous to that time when you did not smoke, for instance, up in that spiritual plane sometime or another you did not have those elements in your psychic body.

Q - Would this not be similar to, say if one had a dream where he was falling off a cliff or some such and you were able to go into his consciousness and tell him it was not true, that he was but dreaming, he'd not be able to believe you (would he?) and would go right on believing that he was actually falling? Would this not be similar to the man with the desire for cigarettes in the astral--that he believed it so strongly?

A - Yes, that would be fantasy or illusion if we wish to put it that way because in an infinite or an abstract way we can conceive anything in our minds that we wish to. Yes, it is sort of a dream state they express in the astral until they learn better.