In television there is also a horizontal pulse which is most important. Without it the picture would not lock in at all. It would be out of synchronization. The circuits are so integrated that they lock into these pulses. If your synchronization pulses are off then you are off the beam, or negative and manifest a confused life.

Q - How does one get back on?

A - Just like many other things we do; it's just the knack of acquiring the ability, namely, keeping positive is the best assurance and protection.

This comparison is probably the most realistic approach to life that a student has ever studied. Now the iccc image pg141pulse that is creeping across the scope looks like the teeth of a saw. The point is these wave forms all are intelligent. They portray certain meaning, a particular definition. They mean something to other integrated circuits in that set. And in correlation and synchronization, they come out as a picture. Just the same is true of us in our processes of life. This energy contains all the known and unknown ingredients of creation. We can also get what we call the great Celestial Energy of the Infinite's own Force. It is merely separated and manifested in different dimensions down on through. Our psychic body is a counterpart of our physical, except that is in frequencies, or electricities, or wave forms, just the same as we have here in the scope and the television only in a vortex form. We must visualize them as pulsating, vibrating, contracting and expanding simultaneously. But each and every one of them is portraying its own particular wave form or I.Q

Now these wave or sync pulses can and must be locked in; they are held right in a certain position. This is the same principle as a meshing of gear, or the same as using our perception. In perception, we are bringing together conglomerations of these wave forms as intelligences, whether they are positive or negative, resulting in the culmination of ideas or forms.

There is also the horizontal pulse; this is a pulse that gives the sweep at the rate of 15,000 cycles per second. We will not go into it too deeply as it would only tend to confuse you. I merely wanted you students to actually see, to visualize these energies so that you could better understand how it is that our psychic bodies function using the same principle.

The wave we are seeing is merely a phasing pulse which we use mainly in oscilloscopes. What this could mean would be the negative energies and experiences in our psychic body. It would repeat itself outwardly in theiccc image pg142 consciousness and would vaguely drag one down without a knowledge of the cause. The purpose of this part of the instrument is to act as a flywheel or stabilizer or governor.

Now if someone--say, back two or three hundred years ago--had shot you through the head or stabbed you in the heart, that wave form in a vortex, that governor or balancing energy would be just that way. It would be out of shape (such as you see these wobbly waves). You would perhaps wander about, going to doctors and psychiatrists to find out what was the trouble, and they could not tell you because it does not reside in the physical body at all; it is back in that wave form in the psychic self.

Q - These frequencies, etc., come within the range of our senses, do they not? And isn't it true that the Universe is just full of an infinite number that do not come within the range of our senses?