Q - Smoking didn't seem to do William James any harm.

A - He lived to be sixty-eight and smoked and drank liquor every day, etc. We always say that a man who smokes heavily and lives to be a hundred and brags about the smoking and liquor drinking could have lived to be a hundred and twenty if he had not done so. Any doctor will tell you that a man who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day shortens his life one year out of five. In other words when he lives five years by smoking a pack a day, he'd live six years without it. These are medical facts which were given at a big convention at San Francisco. We have all this information at home and can bring it to you, if you'd like. (Since this talk has been made, the famous Surgeon General's Report from the Government has verified all these statements and many more.)

Q - How about coffee and tea? Don't those things have caffeine in them?

A - Yes, that's right and caffeine is a stimulant; however, smoking is much worse because it not only contains all these drugs but contains carbon monoxide precipitation. You only get a little caffeine; you get 2½ grains of caffeine in a cup of coffee and most of it passes off in the kidneys, is flushed out; a little of it goes into the blood stream and acts as a stimulant. But the alkaloids like nicotine that you get in a cigarette are depressive.

Q - Do you believe that cigarettes are more harmful than liquor?

A - Yes, I believe of the two evils that cigarette-smoking is the most insidious because it does not have an appreciable effect at the moment; it is much more insidious in its nature but also much more damaging in the long run because if you get to be alcoholic, you either drink yourself to death in a few years time or you will quit.

Q - Would cigars be as bad?

A - Well, one does not actually inhale a cigar; he swallows the juice from the end of the cigar; one is taking into the body all of that solution of saliva and saturation from the tobacco plant itself, but poison is still obtained. They (the cigar smokers) say they do not inhale but they swallow; they take a breath every time when it goes down whether or not they are conscious of it.

Q - After one arrives at a more progressive point, does he then return to earth more or less often?

A - Oh yes, his cycles are then stepped up, as the hoop rolling downhill gains momentum. He can return in a matter of months, weeks, days or even moments. Time is not the motivating factor but rather, it is the cycles, one's drive and his ties to the earth. In accident cases too, (not motivated from the past), one will often bounce right back; he will immediately attach himself to a new fetus with no time lapse whatsoever on the astral.

The previous mentions were for the average person firmly tied to his earth-materialistic habits, obsessions, etc.